Samsung has been tight-lipped with regards to Android Oreo updates so far; however, the software was formally rolled-out back in August.

We’ve relied on rumors and hearsay until now for implications as to when it would start bringing it into play. But the company has now officially clarified the situation on its Turkish news site.

According to Güncel Miyiz (via XDA Developers), Samsung has already kicked off work on a “pilot model” for Android 8.0 Oreo; and the mobile giant strives to begin rolling out the latest OS, Android Oreo updates earlier next year. The comment doesn’t specify which models are on the list to support the update. But you’d have to anticipate that the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8 Edge would be undoubtedly among those lots of Samsung phones that are to receive Android Oreo Updates.

Meanwhile, Güncel Miyiz also wrote some of the peculiarities; that would come with the Android Oreo updates. These incorporated the standard Oreo features like Night Mode; new emojis, and revised notifications; as well as the idea that the software will “help minimize the background activities of applications you recently used in your device;” to enable other applications to launch faster.

The report appeared in a statement on October 4; but it took a while for everyone to get their hands into the narrative; (Güncel Miyiz is an legit Samsung website. However, you can view Samsung link to it directly here).

If you’re querying why Samsung published this in Turkey rather than another region; it might be due to the fact; that Turkey is typically one of the first countries that Samsung’s updates land. Perhaps this shows that Android Oreo updates will arrive at Turkish users around the beginning of next year. But that the other international users like us might be in for a more longer wait?

We’ll keep you informed on the status of the Samsung Oreo roll-out as we discover more. Until then, you can learn about the all-new Android Oreo; and what update is it going to offer you in our dedicated article at the link.

Android O Turns Out Officially To Be Android Oreo


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