Skype newly introduced a peculiarity designed to maintain its place among corporate users; who aren’t as engrossed in things such as Skype emoji reaction or stories. To that end, Skype now provides support to conduct technical interviews; via all new Skype Interviews feature. From a dedicated site, the employers can now test the interviewee in seven various programming language; over Skype with the help of real-time code editor.

Microsoft tells that the feature was officially launched a couple of days before as a preview version; and currently it is available only for Skype web version.

There is no denying the fact that; the market has already a handful of solutions for administering interviews with remote technical talent; such as Codility, HackerRank, Interview Zen, CoderPad, HireVues’s CodeVue, and many others. But the perks of using Skype Interviews Feature is the platform’s ubiquity; that marks it as a standard software for arranging remote video calls of all kind. Bundling in a meeting examining feature within Skype; is able to race up the interview process; since the subjects won’t need to shift to a different tool; in order to perform the technical screening.

This is how such conversation platform runs today. The Skype users will have different dual apps working simultaneously. One is Skype for the call; and the other is a code editor.

Moreover, Skype Interviews features rather allows you to have the video call in real time; showing on top of the code editor app in both Google Chrome; and Microsoft Edge browser window. This facilitates the person interviewing to provide instructions; and remarks while the applicant gives the test.

Meanwhile, the in-browser code editor enables the interviewee; to run their code and see the results; also, it incorporates real-time inline syntax highlighting; to help them rectify errors.

At the time of launch, it offers support for seven popular programming languages; which covers C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, Ruby and Python.

The tool simply needs the browser; configured to English and to head over to Notably, you do not even have to download Skype app or install plugins.

Rather, the interviewer just visits the Skype Interviews website; and “Start Interview” to get the ball rolling. This will render them with a different link they can share; if they see fit. Contestants can then click the link; and decide to sign into Skype or join as a visitor after subscribing their name.

Interviewers can also examine on multiple programming languages in the same session; as there’s a button in the upper-left; that enables you to switch between the various option.

The Skype Interviews feature is currently in testing phase; as the company is looking for feedback about the new add-on. It remains unclear when the feature would leave preview mode; or if it would make a native app version available.


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