Sometimes, the Android population of SnapChat has felt like second-class citizens; especially when it comes down to app’s performance and features; and particularly when compared to iOS users of this favorite social networking app. Ultimately, the company has given it a thought; and decided to announce major SnapChat redesign for Android users. The company calls it ” a revamp from the ground up.”
In company’s third quarter 2017 financial results; in its investor note; the CEO Even Speigel acknowledged; that the social networking app needs to strive for more Android users to boost its overall user-base. In a bid to attain this; Speigel said that the development team of the company would design a new app for Android user; that will be a major SnapChat redesign.

This all will be based on company’s experience and learning throughout the past five years; that its team will be implementing for good. He added this major SnapChat redesign for Android would be centered more over the coming year for the company’s development team.

The company has already improved its performance in this domain and has welcomed significantly more Android users than iOS users in September.

However, we couldn’t hear any exact date when this major SnapChat redesign will hit the Play Store. But the company do spill the beans on its plan of initially launching it for a limited market before it releases across the globe.

Moreover, the company’s big cheese furthered said; that the company is also planning to bring some good changes in the overall design of the app; in order to make its UI more user-friendly so that a more comprehensive audience finds it easy to use. He also said that Snap is ready to take a risk on this redesign; even though it might be “disruptive to our business in the short term.” Again, there’s no word on when the Snapchat redesign will go live.
This news of major SnapChat redesign comes; as Snap reported a lower-than-expected number of 4.5 million new Snapchat users for the third quarter of 2017. It stated that there are currently 178 million daily active users of Snapchat.

How do you feel about Snap putting extra effort into creating a new Android version of Snapchat? Let us know your opinion in the comments!


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