Somfy Outdoor Camera is coming to U.S at CES 2018.

Do you bother about home security when you’re not around? You can sleep a little more comfortable with an electronic pair of peepers; that holds tabs on things at all times.

Somfy Outdoor Camera is Coming to U.S at CES 2018

Somfy Systems, Inc. advances its U.S. entry into smart home security with the Somfy Outdoor Camera, which will be exhibited at CES 2018 this week. The system was granted with the CES Innovation Award 2018. So, brace yourself because Somfy Outdoor Camera is coming to U.S at CES 2018.

How It Works?

To deter an intruder from infiltrating the home, the Somfy Outdoor Camera first takes on a precautionary approach. A customized voice alarm will play when an unforeseen person enters the specified zone. If the robber does not leave within a preset period, the built-in 110-decibel siren will play. With SomfyVision technology, the camera can detect human movement from other types of action, such as that of a pet or car. This reduces the potential for a false alarm.

Here’s the Kicker

Questioning if the camera will film clear footage? The device grants 130-degree Full HD vision, night vision, and 8x zoom. Thankfulness to infrared LEDs, users can monitor their places during daytime or night. High Dynamic Range (HDR) function also aids to fix lighting predicaments, including intense sunlight or shade. Users can stay connected round the clock with on-demand streaming, listen and talk features, and downloadable 10-second video clips.

Available in dark gray and white color, the Somfy Outdoor Camera should desegregate seamlessly with most home outsides. The device is part of Somfy Protect, a new smart home security plan that also includes the Somfy One and the Somfy Indoor Camera, the only indoor security cameras on the market that contain a motorized privacy screen.

Now the convenient and trusted smart home technologies for which Somfy has always been known are also helping to keep families safe and with supreme peace of mind,” says Tracy Christmann, director of marketing for Somfy North America.

The Somfy Outdoor Camera is coming to U.S. at CES and will be available on the market in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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