This year is surely going to be the year of SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket; as it is in its high momentum and yet again the company is succeeded in launching and recovering its 12th Falcon 9 rocket yesterday. This time the space vehicle had a first Earth-observing satellite for Taiwan National Space Organization (NSPO). The booster lifted off from SpaceX’s launch facility 4E at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base as per plan, taking the NSPO’s FORMOSAT-5 satellite to orbit, where it was deployed successfully.

12th Falcon 9 Launch In A Year:

This launch of 12th Falcon 9 has marked a milestone for the company to launch its one dozen rocket successfully within a year; in fact, it is just August; the year is yet to over! However, it is worth noting that it is the same company that had suffered a significant setback when one of the company’s rocket was detonated in last year September. This debacle happened at the time of pre-launch operations on the launch pad; just before the mission of deploying the Facebook-operated satellite into orbit.

Notably, this achievement of twelve successful launches over less than a year sets
SpaceX ahead of its closest competitor this year; the Russian state space agency. This is itself a record for SpaceX that has initiated with reuse of refurbished booster and also the very first-time use of the restored Dragon cargo capsule.

SpaceX Has Picked Up Its Pace Again:

Moreover, the 12th Falcon 9 rocket landed on the SpaceX’s drone ship just after ten minutes of its launch. With this mission, the company and its lads seem to be making good on its promise of conducting a launch after every two weeks. This phenomenal momentum has gained more frequency and consistency since May. Given that, the company took a break in the month July; because of the closure of launch site in Florida for maintenance. But just after that; the company has remarkably picked up its pace and continually launching its reusable rockets.


Undeniably, this has been a very prosperous year for SpaceX; but it could be even more of that; if the company scrapes along its first ever Falcon Heavy test launch in November as planned. However, Elon Musk does not seem to be hopeful for Falcon Heavy to bear fruits during its first operational run. He’s said,” It’s highly unlikely it’ll make it all the way to orbit on its inaugural voyage.” But only launching it would be itself a commendable achievement; regarding of what it is for SpaceX capability to derive functional data and ready it for the next test.


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