Spotify earns regard of SnapChat with its new feature coming out as Spotify Codes. The impact of this feature could be very intense on the way of sharing music that we all do on Spotify. This new feature will have a unique set of barcodes along with the album cover of every song, playlist and artist’s album. This makes it a lot easier for the users to share the music with their nearby friends. Just scan this Spotify codes with the help of Spotify camera to be found on Spotify app search bar to hit the speakers with your favorite song instantly.

Your eyeballs might catch the notice of these new Spotify codes looks like much of a sound-waves like bar code that will be beneath the album cover. Not only it will make music sharing easy and instant, but it will also provide the artist a good way to promote their talent. You can get your hands on this new feature by hitting the three dotted button present on the right-hand side of the screen. Meanwhile, you keep playing songs or exploring any creation. In order to scan the code, move to the app’s search bar to look for the camera. Once you found it, hover it over the code and begin scanning. You can scan these codes anywhere you see them shared like Instagram, Facebook or elsewhere the screenshot of these codes are shared.

These Spotify codes are remarkably fast to load the song shared anywhere. Moreover, you do not have to follow the lengthy procedure to share a song anymore. If you like the song somebody else is listening, just ask him to tap the Spotify codes. Now you will have to hover the camera over the code and start listening to the song right away, instead of asking your friend to share the link then you open it on your browser that then deep links to Spotify where you could listen to the song ultimately.

This wonderful feature comes in line after the success of the Q-R code of SnapChat and Twitter. But Spotify turned it into its own way of sharing music that is way too easy and less complicated than the conventional one. The company has not commented on it but it will likely to come up with few more details regarding this new feature that the company has recently rolled out.

Interestingly, music sharing is now just by scanning a QR code, isn’t it amazing? However, this feature is only rolled out for the mobile app as of now. But it is for sure to gain much of hype and fame for it is a nifty way of sharing songs. After this Spotify Code, the maniacs will expect Spotify to take this feature to Laptop and desktop version of Spotify or come up with something that could enable music lovers to share music listening on the laptop with the friend sitting behind with mobile.


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