T-Mobile has been aggressively growing its network in the past couple of years. If you’ve turned on the television lately; you’ve plausibly viewed a commercial telling you so. Part of that augmentation is T-Mobile’s potential for using band 12 (700 MHz) and band 71 (600 MHz). These lower frequency bands can carry through walls and structures more comfortable giving users better indoor coverage.
But, you have to have a smartphone that supports these bands to take account of them. While the data is readily obtained with a quick Google search; the carrier is simplifying it to make it even easier to obtain. It has launched a new app in the Play Store called “BYOD Check App” that enables you to see if your phone supports Extended Range LTE.

The process is pretty manageable. You either manually enter part of your IMEI number or scan the barcode on your phone’s box. To find your IMEI number; open up the Settings app, then scroll down to about “About phone,” and then press “Status.” You’ll find your IMEI there. You only need the first eight digits of your IMEI for the app to do its thing. Not only will it tell you if your phone can take advantage of Extended Range LTE, but VoLTE, too.

The company actually designed this app for T-Mobile’s employees to use, but anyone can download and use it. It’s a handy tool if you’re switching over to T-Mobile from Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint and want to know how your phone will work on T-Mobile’s network. It’s not a guarantee that you’re going to get fantastic data speeds, just that your phone will work with T-Mobile’s latest technology.


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