Going back in 2014, when Mark Zuckerberg acquired Oculus and proclaimed that virtual reality is going to be what the social media will evolve into. At that time, we did not imagine Mark was talking about this amazement shift of social media. But, still, it is taking more time to be a mainstream social media. And three years time is a lot in the tech industry. Though before this, VR social media seemed to be the most isolated digital experience yet. But, with this new Facebook VR social space, just grab your headphone, block your eyes and plunge into the world of virtual reality different from those everybody else is living in.

In our skepticism, the best way to make VR platform a mainstream social media is through alluring the gaming audience first. In my experience of carefully examining the development of VR social media and Facebook VR social space, when I tried it myself; it feels an enormous difference to me from what I was expecting and what it is actually.

How I Found Facebook VR Social Space:

It seemed quite a strange thing to be in the same room with somebody wear on your VR headset so that you can communicate virtually with them. But this is what Facebook VR social space is all about; that you are not likely to be in the same room with the people you are communicating with.

Just after you log into Facebook, you can then create your avatar that will be tied to your Facebook VR social space account. Now when creating your avatar, you will have two option; you can either select your Facebook profile picture to get it cartooned or create your cartoon from scratch. I chose the quicker option and was stunned when I saw the close resemblance between the avatar and the original picture.

Oculus Touch Controller:

Undoubtedly, the high-end Oculus VR handset gives the most innovative VR space experience; but more than that the Facebook VR social space has the Oculus Touch Controller to lure you. These Facebook controllers are some of the best controllers in the whole virtual market. And its user-friendly design has added more values to the overall virtual experience that Facebook has brought.

Moreover, it allows you to move your fingers individually and point to press the button in the virtual reality world. Where you feel immensely fantastic and in control. After all, such over-complicated features of virtual reality space have no use if they are extraordinarily difficult to learn and use. Especially when the audience you are targeting is as technological diverse as Facebook users are.

Facebook VR Social Space Team’s Review:

In talks with Facebook VR Social space team, the head of Facebook’s Social VR team, Rachel Franklin, she told:

“I believe that VR has so many opportunities. It’s fantastic for gaming but I think that’s just one amazing aspect. As Facebook we fundamentally believe there’s something incredibly social about being with someone else in VR. We believe this is something that people can do and find meaning in.

“We’re aiming to have people believe that VR is for them. This isn’t a technology that’s for somebody else or some kind of niche group, but for everybody. A technology that looks fun and welcoming.

“The tone of what we’re building, the playfulness, these are all really important in trying to make everybody feel like VR is for them.”


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