You must know about Net Neutrality repeal unless you have been under a rock from past couple of weeks. It came as no surprise and ended up just the way everyone was suspecting. The FCC chose to reclassify the Internet Service Providers like Spectrum, Comcast, and Verizon. This move removed the limitations on these companies; that many thought were essential to an open and fair internet. We compiled some tech giants responses on the Net Neutrality.

Here are some tech giants responses on the Net Neutrality


Google is an advocate of net neutrality and has frequently voiced its backing of it in the past. Here’s what the company says:

We remain committed to the net neutrality policies that enjoy overwhelming public support, have been approved by the courts, and are working well for every part of the internet economy. We will work with other net neutrality supporters large and small to promote strong, enforceable protections.


Facebook is another tech giant that raises its voice to support the strong net neutrality regulations. Here’s the tweet from Facebook’s COO.


As the most extensive video streaming service on the web; Netflix has a settled concern making sure people can stream their content. However, it has seemingly waffled on its net neutrality, it came out with a strong statement stating, “We’re disappointed in the decision to gut #NetNeutrality.” Here is the company’s full statement:


Amazon is also one of the tech giants that stood behind net neutrality. With its withdrawal, Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer tweeted to share his statement:


Microsoft is a strong advocate of net neutrality, stating earlier this year, “Without an open internet, broadband internet access service providers gain the power to outright prevent edge content and services from reaching their customers, levy tolls on edge providers and customers for access to edge content and services, and pick winners and losers in the internet economy, thus subjecting edge provider success to the control of broadband internet access services providers rather than the forces of customer demand.” After the vote, its Chief Legal Officer made the following statement:


Companies like Comcast could seemingly benefit from this repeal. Many worries that the company would wield its sources to prevent the netizens from reaching websites for the good of its own platforms. Read on to know more tech giants responses on the Net Neutrality.
But, According to a blog post by Senior Vice President David L. Cohen, Comcast believes that Congress should move to enact net neutrality laws. Its stance is that the rules promulgated by the FCC were just a governmental overreach, but it supports net neutrality. Whether you believe that or not is up to you, but you can read the full blog post here.


Charter comes as second largest ISP all over the country and obviously keeps its eyes on the issue. After FCC’s vote, the company issued a statement on its site that reads, “Charter has been consistent and clear: we support a vibrant and open internet that enables our customers to access the lawful content of their choice when and where they want it. We commend the FCC Chairman and Commissioners for their action today that re-establishes the light touch regulatory framework that had been in place for decades when the Internet took root and grew into an important tool for daily life and a major engine of economic growth.”

You can read the rest of its comment here.


AT&T’s Senior Executive Vice President of External & Legislative Affairs, Bob Quinn says:

In the post, Quinn states, “AT&T intends to operate its network the same way AT&T operates its network today: in an open and transparent manner. We will not block websites, we will not throttle or degrade internet traffic based on content, and we will not unfairly discriminate in our treatment of internet traffic (all consistent with the rules that were adopted – and that we supported – in 2010, and the rules in place today).”

You can read the full post here.


Verizon hosts a Broadband Commitment site that says, “Verizon supports the Open Internet, and is committed to offering services that allow our customers to take full advantage of all of the lawful content and services that the Internet has to offer.” Speaking to Inverse yesterday, Verizon spokesperson Rich Young backed up that sentiment with this statement, “Verizon fully supports the open Internet, and we will continue to do so. Our customers demand it and our business depends on it.” Read on to know more tech giants responses on the Net Neutrality.


T-Mobile issued a concise statement after the vote. It states, “We always have and will support an open internet that enables us to provide new and innovative services to our customers and keep them first! We will continue to provide amazing service and support to our customers each day!”


Sprint’s comment on the repeal of net neutrality is longer than T-Mobile’s, but tells just as little. It states, “Sprint applauds the FCC’s efforts to simplify a complex and challenging issue, while balancing multiple stakeholder interests in this important proceeding. Our position has been and continued to be that competition is the best way to promote an open internet. Complex and vague regulations previously created uncertainties around net neutrality compliance. The Commission’s decision today eliminates those uncertainties and appears to allow Sprint to manage our network and offer competitive products.”

Write us, which one out of all tech giants responses on the Net Neutrality is the best?


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