Tesla is gearing up to hasten the manufacturing cycle of its hotly anticipated upcoming sedan Tesla Model 3. But at the same time, the company did not overlook the substantial factor that is essential to run this futuristic and cost efficient Tesla Model 3. That is none other than maximizing Tesla supercharging network. The company said it entered into 2017 with 5000 superchargers across the globe and promisingly, it will say goodbye to this year with double the size of its superchargers, that means it will likely to offer 10000 superchargers by the end of this year. This merely implies charging Tesla cars would be more convenient than ever before.
Apart from Tesla Supercharger Network, the company also promised yesterday to expand the Destination Charging Network after which you will see Tesla’s charging connectors to be installed in hotel or restaurant car parking or garage, etc. with 9000 to 15000 Tesla charging connectors.

In a blog, Tesla showed up with details of its plan of expansion, cited that only in North-America, Tesla supercharger network will get a high of 150 percent expansion where Presently the company owns 830 supercharger stations with 5400 supercharger connectors. The environment-friendly California will have a raise of 1000 Tesla supercharger within the state only.

However, Tesla supercharger network expansion plan of the global level shows a rapid boost in the number of superchargers across the world. The most interesting part of this scheme is that Tesla is also primed to make charging widespread in urban cities. This will facilitate the drivers who park their cars in streets to get their hands on durable charging connectors. This seemed to be a must to follow plan before the much anticipated and affordable Model 3 would get on the roads.

Tesla will build larger sites along our busiest travel routes that will accommodate several dozen Tesla’s Supercharging simultaneously,” the company’s announcement made on the blog. “In addition, many sites will be built further off the highway to allow local Tesla drivers to charge quickly when needed, with the goal of making charging ubiquitous in urban centers.”

According to Tesla, currently there are 200,000 Tesla owners that bring their cars on the road and in addition to this figure when the affordable Model 3 which starts with  $35,000, would electrify the roads, there would be a dire need of expanding Tesla supercharging network. So the plan comes forward at the right time because if Tesla successfully achieves its target of manufacturing half million cars by next year, these cars will definitely need the supercharger to charge them. That solely indicates the relation between the number of Tesla cars and superchargers is directly proportional, the more the cars will electrify the roads, the more they need to be charged. That’s why the company presented the groundwork for Tesla supercharger network expansion.


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