If you’ve ever instantly swiped through Tinder; you comprehend that sometimes your pointers can get away from you – and; all of a sudden, you’ve Super Liked someone without intending to. Oops!

Tinder today is pleading that obstacle with a new feature now testing in picked markets; that will make Super Liking a more intentional experience. Called “Super Likeable;” the function will pop up at casual times in the app to offer you a free Super Like; which can be employed on one of four people granted on the Super Likeable card.

To be fair, Tinder’s decision to launch Super Likeable isn’t because of the problem of accidental swipes up. But that could be a helpful side effect. Instead, the goal with Super Likeable is to present potential matches users might swipe on based on their previous swiping behavior.

While the first Super Like was devised as a way to indicate your interest in a dormant match was stronger than others; it’s been a reasonably contentious feature to date. In addition to the rambling Super Likes; some people say Super Likes proffer them feel awkward, and those sending the Super Like come across as disgusting. Others say it has a factor of desperation to it; so they opt not to apply it.

But Tinder’s own data shows that Super Likes are highly useful; as they improve your probability of matching by three times.

With the new Super Likeable feature; using the Super Like choice feels more like a game than a virtual version of a too-intense stare across the room.
Tinder says AI has powered this experience; that benefits select the people it deems will be “of special interest to you.” The company didn’t go into detail about how it’s making its selections here; but Tinder describes us, broadly; it’s utilizing records of your interplays on the service to reckon out who sparks your engagement.

“At Tinder, we are focused on creating simple; fun and useful experiences for our users around the world,” says Brian Norgard; Chief Product Officer at Tinder. “We are fortunate to have an incredible; growing artificial intelligence team and we are experimenting with a variety of ways — Super Likeable being one of them — to delight users by bringing them the best in-app experiences through innovation. It’s an ever-evolving space; we are beyond excited to keep innovating,” he says.

The new Super Likeable feature isn’t publicly available to all Tinder users at this point, as it’s just now being testing in NYC and L.A.


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