One more entity has joined the league of self-driving car makers. During the past couple of years, we have seen so many famous automakers and tech giants dabbling to autonomous vehicle technology. But this makes all the difference because it is Torc-Robotics Self Driving System, that keeps an edge over others regarding experience. This is crazy how this Virginia-based in a company, Torc Robotics has been busy working on the tech of driverless vehicles since 2007. However, during this extended period, the company had applied this technology in many commercials, military and industrial machinery and vehicles.

Torc-Robotics Self Driving System In Consumers Car:

As if that’s not enough, the company is steering towards consumer cars that will have Torc-Robotics Self Driving System with its vast experience in this field.The company used two modified Lexus RX vehicles with up to 1,000 miles logged of the driverless ride in the tests lately. These vehicles with the self driving system have been electrifying the roads since the start of this year and have been the test in all weather conditions. Moreover, the cars had successfully aced all the tests they went through.

Here’s the kicker, Torc equipped these cars with in-house localization, navigation, mapping and object tracking systems. Correspondingly, one of the company’s test vehicles excelled the demo of a long distance drive with 1K mile round trip. The journey kicked off from company’s Virginia HQ to Ford’s Piquette Avenue Plant in Detroit.

Why Now?

You might be wondering the company that is in this business for ages; why it took so long to morph into consumer car market. The CEO of Torc-Robotics, Michael Fleming told us that even though they have been mastering this technology for a long time; but this is the perfect time both regarding tech availability, and consumer automakers desire to invest in such a business.

Torc’s CEO Says:

“What we’ve found is that some other markets were early adopters of this technology. And there wasn’t a great deal of interest in the automotive industry coming out of the DARPA Challenge,” explained Fleming. “Google is really the early adopter of this technology, with some key folks from the Carnegie Mellon and Stanford teams from 10 years ago. And they’ve done some great marketing, and they’ve been at the forefront of this technology in the automotive space.”

He Further Says:

“Our role is more of an enabler,” Fleming said. “We work with OEMs, tier 1s and tier 2s in the automotive space. And taking our ten years of experience and working with these organizations, outlining their road-map moving forward. This is fairly new technology to a lot of the players in the automotive space. But this is something we’ve been doing every day for the last ten years. And we’ve tried just about every combination of technology, so we know what works and what doesn’t work.”

According to the CEO, we can hope to hear some good news about these consumer cars shortly. No wonder, it will because this time the self-driving cars are from the experienced automakers with Torc-Robotics Self Driving System.

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