When every other automaker giants are aiming for a futuristic flying car, why should Toyota be of any less? The well-reputed car makers Toyota is all set to plunge into flying cars development and shift your daily commutes from roads to skies. The company aims to build this Toyota Flying Car that will likely be operated by a single driver and will be officially unveiled to heat up the skies in 2020 Olympic games to be held in Tokyo and will light up the torch.

The hefty investment that this Japanese company has made is reported to be  ¥42.5 million into Cartivator Resource Management, which is a startup consisting of only thirty members. This team had actually proposed the flying vehicle idea with the name of SkyDrive that will potentially fly about 33 feet above the ground at up to 62 miles per hour speed.

The Tentative Test Drive:

However, the Toyota Flying Car is still in its very initial stage as you can evident it from the above video of its first test drive. Initially, the car is only done with its structural work like a scaffolding and has been tested by the company’s engineers to ensure whether or not it could go into airborne.This tentative test drive was scheduled on Saturday in the city where the company is headquartered.

But as of now, this scaffolding could not make it go up to an average height and bumped back onto the earth, though it left behind a storm of sand and started with ear killing the loud noise.There were few basketballs attached to it that worked as cushions. After making several attempts, the test drive process had to be postponed when one of the vehicle’s cover came out of the frame and was broken down, affecting the propellers too.

It Will Recall Some Moments From Back To the Future:

These Cartivators aim to design such a car that can be a smooth morph from driving to flying and make us remember the world of Back To the Future, as per project leader, Tsubasa Nakamura’s statement.

“I always loved planes and cars. And my longtime dream was to have a personal vehicle that can fly and go many places,” he says.

Inevitably, this Toyota Flying Car needs to be more refined regarding designs and productivity. Most probably, this flying car to take you to the ride of the sky will complete the development process sometime in 2019, prior to the event of Olympics 2020 where this coolest car will likely to woo not only the audience but the rest of the world.  


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