Kiev, Ukraine - August 25, 2014: Different popular social media icons in a group folder on android smartphone homescreen.

TweetDeck Teams is a social dashboard application that allows users to share access to Twitter accounts without the need to share a password. This feature will now work in the Twitter app for iOS and Android. This shift will make it simpler for those who run social media accounts for corporations and brands to post updates, monitor replies, post direct messages and more, without the need to manage a separate app.

If anything, however, this step could imply that Twitter is deeming of shifting TweetDeck’s account management features to Twitter’s main app. After all, many of TweetDeck’s more futuristic features, like search, muting and list administration, which already exist on the social network itself. Reasonably, It only makes sense that shared accounts would make their way over, too.

However, it is worth noting that the TweetDeck hasn’t had a lot of recognition since Twitter acquired the app for $40 million back in 2011. Instead, following a small update in 2012; its features have slowly faded; or could not keep up with those on Twitter’s official clients. Twitter also ceased down TweetDeck’s mobile apps a few years ago; then suspended its Windows client last year. (Windows users were directed to use TweetDeck via the web.)

In the meanwhile, the Mac app of TweetDeck hasn’t been given any update since mid-2015 on the Mac App Store.

Now, one of TweetDeck’s bigger selling points is making its way over to Twitter; with this support for Teams.

Twitter unobtrusively declared the news on Thursday via a couple of tweets; denoting to updated help documentation specifying how the feature works.

Ere this transition, the admins and grantors could only manage TweetDeck Teams accounts in TweetDeck itself; so this expands their availability.

Once the Team is ready, the team may beckon all the users to join them; through an email announcement, a notification in TweetDeck; or a push notification to Twitter for Android and iOS. Furthermore, they can then receive or refuse from any of those places; that includes the Twitter mobile app. Here, Twitter users will hit their profile icon; and look for “Team Requests,” later tap the checkmark icon or “x” to accept or decline.

Once a part of a Team, Twitter for iOS and Android users can tweet, Direct Message, Like and Retweet from a Team account using the main Twitter mobile app.

The feature is live now on Twitter for iOS and Android, says Twitter.


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