According to what Facebook believes that the videos are future and other social networks are also plunging into live streaming and video enhancements, in this crunch time how Twitter could be any of less than any other social media. Twitter, a social media platform which is widely used to break the news by big names is now rolling out its new and unique feature, Twitter’s 24/7 Live News. This idea was brought to light by the COO and CFO of the company, Anthony Noto a week ago. Then it took up by Wall Street Journal on Sunday, where the other part of the news was revealed that this feature would be powered by Bloomberg media.

Though the details seem to be scarce as of now, what we have sensed is this live video streaming will be somewhat dissimilar to what we already see on Twitter TV content. Instead, it will be news reports specifically created by Bloomberg’s various global offices and it may include Twitter users recorded or live streaming but will be verified by the Bloomberg team to check the authenticity of the news before resharing it on Twitter’s 24/7 Live News.

“Adding these 12 new live deals is a testament to the success of our ‘only-on-Twitter experience,’ combining high-quality streaming video with our only-on-Twitter conversation,” Chief Operating Officer Anthony Noto said in a statement.

“It is going to be focused on the most important news for an intelligent audience around the globe, and it’s going to be broader in focus than our existing network,” Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith told the Journal.

Although the financial figures of how much numbers this deal had crunched have not come to the airwaves yet, the shares of Twitter has observed a rise by 6% after this news broke out. It is worth mentioning that Bloomberg has podcast few live shows on Twitter thus far, as a result of their deal that was signed back in 2016. Consequently, this deal debuted three programs to social network and one to cover the company’s market trading policies and news. During the season of 2016 US Presidential elections, Twitter also carried out live debates in that opponents lashed out each other which was also powered by Bloomberg. This new development seems to be the next but more modified level of that previously done endeavor. According to what WSJ highlighted that Bloomberg would monetize the news and it will have the authoritative control over every news that will go live on Twitter’s 24/7 Live News channel.

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