With the Samsung Galaxy S9 rumor millhouse proceeding to pick up fumes; one smartphone that remains to be shrouded in the enigma is Samsung‘s foldable smartphone; considered to be called the Galaxy X. That story has been stripped back little by little. But, a new Samsung patent resumes to reveal us what the device seems like and what it can do.

Which Patent Shows Off Galaxy X Looks?

Incipiently opened by Dutch site LetsGoDigital; the patent, which was enrolled with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO); explicates a device that seems like a significantly slimmer Axon M. Much alike to ZTE’s offerings; Samsung smartphone highlights a hinge that connects the two displays; though the hook also provides the phone to be closed.

Unlike the Axon M, which retains the screens opened, Samsung’s try protecting the displays when closed. Interestingly, the phone seems to incorporate a sensor that determines the angle between the first and second display in Samsung Galaxy X. This enables the phone to discern when the second screen is not in use, with the display turn off feature to save battery life.

Subsequently, the patent reveals the Galaxy X phone’s two displays each starring a camera and speaker; though it’s likely that there are a third camera and speaker on the back. Also likely is the insertion of a stylus, which would make sense for those interested in drawing on a more broad canvas than what is provided on the Galaxy Note 8.

What Else the Patent Reveals

Eventually, the patent dispenses off gaming controls on one screen while gameplay plays on the other screen; à la a no-button take on the Nintendo 3DS. The application of such a feature will depend on how developers take to it, and there is a reason to be cynical about that — it’s not like they thronged to the Axon M, did they? I doubt this phone will market like gangbusters; which will roll away the more prominent developers, though I’m convinced a few might still give it a try.

Much like the last time we caught wind of the supposedly-called Galaxy X, today’s news did not disclose when it might be declared. The earliest Samsung might suggest the phone is during CES 2018; which is almost around the corner. Whenever it is proclaimed, we anticipate it to live alongside the Galaxy S9.

Would you be excited about picking up the Galaxy X? Let us know in the comments below.


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