SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft was all set to airborne on Thursday, but the weather seemed not to be on the same page, and the launch is delayed until Saturday’s afternoon due to bad weather. This weather upset caused because of the thunder lighting in the Cape Canaveral area.

The space tech titans were preparing another Falcon 9 rocket to set in motion along with cargo and fly from Florida to the international space station for NASA. However, it is worth noting that this is the first time that the company is reusing its once used spacecraft, Dragon Cargo Capsules that had flown into space and landed back safely on Earth.

This SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft was the same that was used for the company’s fourth cargo mission back in September 2014. This cargo capsule was landed in the Pacific Ocean with the help of a parachute after staying a month long at the ISS. This vehicle has then undergone the process of inspection and refurbishment in order to ensure whether or not this Dragon is all set to enter the space again. This required the company to swap out several components, but the thruster and the basic structure remained the same.

However, there was one notable up gradation of a new heat shield, and few external parts were replaced that were not reusable after being in contact with the water when the spacecraft hit the ocean, as per company’s vice president of flight reliability, Hans Koenigsmann’s revelation.

If everything goes smooth and this launch hits the limelight as a success story then this SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft would join a few lot of vehicles that have moved in orbit around the Earth like NASA’s Space Shuttle. Also, SpaceX would likely to hold the record of being the first private company that is sending the same space vehicle with few adjustments, which had once gone and successfully came back on the Earth.

This mission aims to cut the corner of the cost and make use of an already used vehicle, and the company keeps some bigger plans once this launch becomes a true success. We got to know the plan from Space News Report of last year that the company will begin taking real-time people to the international space station soon.

Now the company looks pretty much more confident in reusing the hardware of its used spacecraft and launching those rockets more often than before. The company has a history of launching ten SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets since past two years, and one out of these Falcon 9 has used boosters that flew and came back two months ago in March, achieving a milestone in the space history. This achievement then strengthened the company’s ambition for reusable, sustainable and cost-effective vehicles for space traveling.


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