The streets of San Francisco are becoming a bit more jammed with cars; but not with motorists. After taking some time off from the West Coast, Waymo is eventually carrying off its autonomous vehicle technology back to the point it all started — San Francisco. As first published by TechCrunch; the Waymo’s self-driving cars, Chrysler Pacific has been found making its way around the Bay Area; and Waymo has verified that it is; in fact, reverting to its origins and experimenting self-governing cars in one of the tech-friendliest cities in the U.S.

Waymo’s Self-driving Cars Coming Back To San Francisco

“San Francisco was one of the first cities where we tested our self-driving cars; dating back to 2009 when we traveled everything from Lombard Street to the Golden Gate Bridge;” a Waymo spokesperson told TechCrunch about its newest tests in California. “Now that we have the world’s first fleet of fully self-driving cars running in Arizona; the hilly and foggy streets of San Francisco will give our cars even more practice in different terrains and environments.”

While the aforementioned self-driving cars in Arizona are being run without drivers; the test carriers in San Francisco aren’t quite so formidable; those vehicles will still have men behind the wheel to assure that nothing goes astray. After all, in the Californian city; there’s a bit more leeway for error. Provided the steep hills, thick traffic; and proximity of pedestrians, bikers, and other motorists; Waymo’s self-driving cars will have a few more determinants to contest with.

That said, it shouldn’t be anything Waymo is unknown with. After all, the company claims one of the most robust records of trials in the free driving field; at least insofar as experiment sites are concerned. Waymo’s self-driving cars have electrified the road in 24 cities across the United States; and this comprehensiveness endures for all good reasons.

To assure these automobiles are genuinely safe without human interference; Waymo must experiment their technology in a broad range of situations; both natural and human-made. Back in November 2017; the company logged an extraordinary four million self-driven miles; it seems like that number is only going to grow this year.


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