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Was WhatsApp down for you earlier yesterday? Well, it didn’t happen only to you. The Facebook-acquired text messaging app underwent a roughly hour-long international outage on Friday; which led to struggles in reaching the app and conveying messages to friends. While no online service is safe from the occasional hiccup; this brownout was notable for its international scale which affected WhatsApp’s sizable user base.

The company today has over 1.2 billion users and is relied upon as the main means of messaging for many people; especially in developing markets like India.

Where the Outage Reported

The outage was first reported by Reuters; which noted that “WhatsApp down” was a trending item on Twitter in regions like India; the app’s largest market with around 200 million of WhatsApp’s over one billion users. Other countries where the outage was rising on social media covered Pakistan, Germany, Britain, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, and Myanmar, Reuters reported.

WhatsApp Down Trend

WhatsApp today released a brief statement about “WhatsApp down”; confirming the outage’s global scale after the company resolved the situation.

“Earlier today, WhatsApp users globally had trouble accessing the app for about an hour. This issue has been fixed; and we apologize for the inconvenience,” a spokesperson said.

We know that the outage pops up due to a glitch in the software code; as opposed to something like issues with a data center, for example.

It’s not very common for WhatsApp to be unavailable worldwide. Most outages tend to be regional in scale; as opposed to affecting app users around the globe.

But not everyone today noticed the outage because the company resolved it quickly. The service began functioning again some regions around 30 minutes; after the first complaints began popping up; Reuters had noted. That means that by the time some users began hearing about the problem; WhatsApp was already working for them again.

It’s Not the First Outage

However, this was not WhatsApp’s first global outage this year. The app in May had experienced downtime of a few hours – a longer outage than today’s.


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