Not only Facebook or Instagram, but YouTube is also evolving. Though the rate is not as same as these social media giants, it is expanding at its own pace. YouTube, which is a renown video streaming platform is now launching an in-app YouTube messaging feature that allows the users to chat and share the videos. This feature is now available in YouTube mobile app. Previously, it had undergone a testing phase; the company tested this feature with a specific lot of users before it gets the ball rolling with all the global users. The testing phase was quite a long, it started from the middle of last year and rolled out for Canadian users earlier this year.

When the company received feedback good enough to launch it officially; it chooses today to release it for company’s international audience. But, still, the feature is not available to many. And if you are one of them, you need to hold your horses and wait for few days to get your hands on YouTube messaging feature.

YouTube Messaging Feature Interface:

The company told us that it has got some major changes since its debut in the test phase. The user interface has got some refinements. That includes the way it initially appeared to the users. Now the videos will be there on top of the chat thread; so that the users can chat while watching the video. Though, it still needs some update to come because there is no emoticon to express the feeling and co-viewing. This company’s experimental version is called YouTube Uptime.

Moreover, the company promises that there are more updates on the way to hit the app soon that will improve the YouTube messaging feature and make it even better.

YouTube To Jockey Some Famous Social Networks:

Seemingly, the company intends to grow it as a social media that connects people through videos of their interest. YouTube videos are undoubtedly viral and are seen everywhere. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social networking platform; YouTube videos are widely being shared. Thus, the company wants to let the people facilitate with the interaction platform right on YouTube; instead of sharing it on some other social network and chatting about it. This way, the company wants to route that particular traffic right on its YouTube messaging feature; that was previously using some other platform to share and talk about the video.

But, it is still unclear how the company would do that. People who prefer social networking apps like Facebook or Twitter have already their friends and following. But, YouTube needs to work from the scratch to build the social network for people’s friends and families.

Some Updates Need To Roll-Out:

Interestingly, the YouTube messaging feature comes with a user-friendly interface. That makes it too easy to use. You can look for your friends and connect them via your phone book. However, the option that enables you to block any unwanted contact is yet to be added. But, of course, you can deny their request in the first place.

Furthermore, sharing of videos with groups of 30 people is also supported. The YouTube messaging feature makes its way both to Android and iOS users across the globe.


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