Today’s generation is being used to video games and they require one such as part of our lifestyle. There are arguments on whether it is right to get their kid a video game but you can even come across homes where the parents themselves play with it! So there is no point in arguing that it is right or wrong but everything within boundaries never goes wrong! Let us discuss the best video game consoles of 2017 now. This knowledge could help you land on an apt device.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro:

The slim design of this gadget is liked by many and it is the latest one from a technology giant. We are used to Sony mobile phones, Televisions, Music systems, etc. But Sony, one of the leading electronic gadgets manufacturers, releases its play stations to entertain the fans. So those who are not aware could get to know about it and here are the features picked and listed for you.

The most important aspect of this gadget is that it allows us to play 4D games and it ensures that it is not restricted to the Playbacks alone. So you can enjoy the complete 4D experience with this Sony PS 4 Pro. You can try out this one of the best video game consoles as it comes with a 1TB of hard drive storage. Though it looks slim, the missing 4k Blue-Ray drive is considered as one of the drawbacks for such a fantastic entertaining electronic element. Read the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review here.

Cost:  Approx $399.


  • Slim design.
  • Fully features 4K.
  • Latest from one of the technology giants.


  • 4 K Blue-Ray drives is missing.

The Nintendo Switch

It’s quite impressive as it looks handy with a small screen and you can even connect it to your television to gain the big screen experience. Its handheld feature has made us choose one among the best video game consoles. It not only has that but it also comes with a variety of control configurations for you to decide.  This gadget serves as the only consoles to go ahead with the titles such as Mario and Zelda. You can also play your favourite Skyrim versions wherever you go! The only drawback for those who wish lots of titles to choose from is pretty much not possible as it lists only a few. Read the Nintendo Switch review here.

Cost: Approx $299.


  • Very handy and you can it to everywhere you go!
  • Lists the latest versions of titles such as Mario and Zelda.


  • Lacks the support of various titles.

The Microsoft XBOX S

The Microsoft products have its fans when compared to the competitors! And the huge crowd is eagerly waiting for the arrival of the XBOX Scorpio, the successor of XBOX S. The interesting feature that made this gadget one among the best video game consoles is the 2 TB capacity of the hard drive. The inbuilt power unit serves as an excellent idea compared to its peers and the manufacturer excels with fantastic features as with any of their products.  The only missing factor is the fully supported 4k video but we could expect it in the XBOX Scorpio. You should also know about its outlook that it is very lighter and smaller too! Read the Microsoft XBOX S full review here.

Cost: Approx $399.


  • A product of a well-known manufacturer.
  • 2 TB hard drives.
  • Lighter in weight and smaller in size.


  • Fully supported 4 K video is missing and it is restricted in video playback.
  • Misses exclusive video game titles.

The Nvidia Shield

Being one of the best video game consoles, this gadget supports exclusive games that a normal media streamer would not support. Apart from that, it offers other features such as on-demand TV, etc. It is for those additional features that people go beyond it in particular. It looks cheaper as well and you can buy games for your Android starting from £0.79. This console does not restrict you from getting advanced games as well. Yes, you can buy those as well! It also supports a vast collection of games and you enjoy those every day! Read the Nvidia Shield full review here.

Cost: Approx $199.99


  • Offers additional features such as on-demand television, etc.
  • You can avail cheaper Android games as well.
  • Support a vast collection of games.


  • Does not support first tier games.
  • Missing 4 k & HDR features when to its competitor such as Roku.

The New Nintendo 3DS XL

The new Nintendo 3DS XL is one of the great consoles to experience the 3D gaming! The additional of exclusive games to the Nintendo pool is a fantastic advantage for its buyers. It is for this reason that more persons go beyond it and of course, it is worth it! One of the best video game consoles excels in offering the 3D effects and that is how it differs from its predecessor, the New Nintendo 2DS XL.  The new buttons, ZL & ZR also serves as a basic difference from the 2DS design. Read The New Nintendo 3DS XL full review here.

Cost: $199.99


  • The 3D effects support.
  • Exclusive Nintendo pool of games.


  • Not an apt one for those who seek a great gaming experience.
  • The camera needs an improvement.

Conclusion-Best Video Game Consoles of 2017

Getting a good gaming console is just based on the features that you are looking for. The list of best video gaming consoles can give you an idea of the basic essential features of such a console and from there you could start your search. Or else, you could go ahead with our list as they are handpicked after a careful examination or review. One such is here for you – the Microsoft XBox One X is the Most Robust Gaming Console.

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