Our Verdict:

This time as well LG did not miss at stylish and sleek design with high-end innards yet at a good price. This is none other than LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V). This mid-range smart TV has all your HDR needs wrapped with a high brightness OLED panel in a beautiful design. This piece of high power performance offers you immersive 2160p image quality. Also, it has support for all three HDR formats and Freeview Play. So, it is all that can set you lust for. Especially, if you are a gamer. This is why I could not resist myself to get my hands on it and write LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) review for all the readers out there.

LG’s B7 OLED offers the best picture quality you can buy today, at the best price yet.


What We Like?

  • Unrivaled blacks and contrast
  • Improved shadow detailing
  • Vibrant yet accurate colors
  • Supremely low input lag
  • Voguish design
  • HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision support
  • Excellent overall image quality

What We Don’t:

  • Imperfect motion processing for interlaced broadcast
  • Peak brightness insufficient for impactful HDR
  • Silver bezel can distract

Highlights Of LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) Review:

LG B7 7

  • This year LG Electronic has lured the world with this LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V); which is actually a mid-range smart TV but offers all your HDR needs with best of image quality and high-end innards; on top of that, its elegant design has won hearts this time too.
  • However, LG is not the sole vendor that is focusing on OLED display. There are many others like Panasonic and Sony that are competitively jockeying along with the design master LG. So, to keep an edge over all those, this South Korean electronic giant thought to offer the series with the most number of models. Yes, it offers you five models this year.
  • This LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) review has everything you need to know about this year LG OLED Tv iteration. Starting from its 55-inch model within the LG B7 series that has a 65-incher.
  • This OLED display LG next iteration is priced at £3000. Though it is not a cheap television set, it is definitely the most affordable OLED TV of the year 2017.
  • Over the past couple of years, the requirement of the backlight in OLED has been obsolete. And this gives an exquisite styling to it. This is what exactly defines the design of LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V). Moreover, the black bezel is perfectly slim, and the screen is bordered by a brushed metallic silver trim which goes to the back of the panel. This is where it contrasts with the white plastic casing.
  • Mostly, the first use help screens are the test of my patience, but LG’s Bean Bird animation has always put a big smile on my face. The setup prompts are fun and useful at the same time. All thanks to Mr.Bean Bird assistance which makes each step a soaring sense of contentment.
  • More from LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) review, the remote control has a dedicated button for Netflix and Amazon. These apps remain live and open while you can switch to any other channel by pausing the Home of Cards.
  • The company has made numeral revisions to its iconic smart TV WebOS 3.5 iterations. But none of them was too radical. This time you will get the UI as intuitive as never before that offers simple navigation but powerful customization.
  • LG’s webOS was the first minimalist smart UI, and it’s still fresh and engaging here in this 3.5 iteration. Navigation is helped by LG’s smart Magic pointer remote.
  • The Picture attributes of OLED appertain to both HD and UHD content equally; its lush colors, superb black level depth and levels of detail evidence that. This pixel dense offers the photographic smoothness which benefits the 1080P channels, upscaled to 21060p.
    Also, this LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) review will tell you about the rich and vibrant colors and how convincing job this OLED set does with bright primaries and the skin tones. Whereas, the noise gets notable only in its absence.
  • Purportedly the image quality is commendable from all aspects. However, a quick glance under the skin unfolds few hitches. Extravagantly, this set evinces moire patterning along with the high-frequency 4K signals on all the image presets.
  • Sound and audio is somewhat conundrum, even more than you can imagine on this LG OLED B7. This OLED TV set incorporates mid-range low-fi down-firing stereo speakers. They are more of a monophonic. Also, you will get advice to upgrade it to a more complex sonic solution.
  • Moreover, this LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) review has more to tell you about the set’s Dolby Atmos decoder. Also, the Netflix client that is supported by this set receives both Dolby Atmos streams and Dolby Vision.

The B7 is as well steeled against future developments as you could hope to have right now.


Ostensibly, the LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) may be marked as the entry level OLED tv of 2017 by the South Korean electronic giant LG. But if you have a close look at its feature list; you will take no time to realize that it’s nothing of the sort.

However, it is worth noting that the company has announced in public that all their lots of OLED Ultra HD TVs of 2017, use the same system-on-chip(SoC) and panel. This signals that the company leaves no difference in picture quality. In this LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) review, we are going to find out it with our full suite of in depth tests that we have carried out and presented for you today.

The most prominent feature of this LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) is a 55-inch self-emissive WRGB OLED screen with UHD (ultra high-definition) resolution, HLG (Hybrid-Log Gamma), comprehensive HDR support for HDR10, Dolby Vision and Technicolor, integrated Dolby Atmos decoding (though not on 4K Blu-ray’s True HD bitstream); and on top of that the South Korean electronic giant has also modified and upgraded WebOS 3.5 Smart TV platform.

Moreover, it is shipped with a whitish metallic crescent stand; having an LG OLED logo. Also, you will get a Magic Remote that has an intuitive on screen pointer capability and the latest feature that will give you direct access to Netflix and Amazon. All you need to do is to press the dedicated button for each of them.

Furthermore, this LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) review has more to tell you about the Four HDMI sockets. These are specced with HDMI 2.0b (i.e. HDR and HLG-capable) and HDCP 2.2; which is verified by the Murideo Fresco Six-G device.

Key Specs:


  • Screen sizes available: 55- and 65-inches
  • Tuner: Freeview Play, satellite
  • 4K: Yes
  • HDR: Yes
  • Panel technology: OLED
  • Smart TV: Yes/ LG webOS
  • Curved: No
  • Dimensions: 1229 x 708 x 48.6 mm
  • 3D: No
  • Inputs: 4x HDMI, 3 x USB, Ethernet
  • Sound: Dolby Atmos sound decoding

Design And Build:

LG B7 9

There is no doubt how the no backlight requirement in OLED has beautified its design and gave its stylish a new level. And this what we can see in the shape of LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V). The strikingly thin panel will leave you spellbound, There are very few chances of seeing such lean design in LED or LCD TV platforms. It is because they have to build up with back or edge lighting unit, color filters, liquid crystal array, light guide plates and a couple of more components.
The black bezel is much slim as it should be. Also, the whole OLED screen is outlined by silver trim which extends to the back panel. The bottom half of the back panel juts out by an indispensability to accommodate the TV’s brain, speakers, and the connection ports.
In order to intensify the picture immersion, the design team of the LG had to take a valiant decision; that was to eliminate the logos from the screen. Instead, this honor is now given to the white metallic stand of the TV set with “LG OLED’ inscription.

Smart TV (WebOS 3.5):


The most intuitive UI as compared to all the LG iterations is something that has really won my heart. The navigation options it offers are simple; while there is some powerful customization. This is all because of the modification the company has made in its Smart TV WebOS 3.5 TV platform. The Home screen is all surrounded by a striped Launch Bar for inputs, apps and other features.

The Live TV and HDMI selection have got the early slots; that is followed by some streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon and few catch-up TV services. When you keep on scrolling, you will get to see a list of features; that includes OLED gallery, multimedia playback (Photos, Music, and Video) and Screen Share for casting from mobile devices. You can also choose the sorting of this list according to your preference. For instance, if you are Miracaster then you should simply hold-press Screen Share with your remote and drag it to wherever you want it to be.

Netflix streams 4K with HDR and Dolby Vision, as well as Dolby Atmos audio where available (more on that anon). There’s also Amazon in 4K with HDR and YouTube in 4K. Other attractions include Now TV, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Demand 5, All 4 and Wuaki.TV, plus other sundries.

LG OLED55B7 – Features:


You must have got a pretty much good idea from our LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) review; that OLED technology is by far the most advanced panel-illumination method currently available on consumer-grade TV sets of today. Even the Samsung’s QLED TV iteration of the year 2017 is based on the conventional edge-lit LED LCD technology. There are plenty of advantages of ability to switch on and off each of the 4K panel’s eight-million-plus pixels.

The blacks are not only completely visible to you, but also those inky blacks can be provided without being washed out or contaminated by the light elements that surround them. There is also a ‘Neutral Black’ polariser; that the company has applied to all its OLED models of this year. This is to preserve the actual blacks in ambient light conditions. While the last year’s iteration of OLED has the propensity to show a magenta tint in darker parts of the screen where the light hits hard.

The screen’s perfect black results in contrast that really must be seen to be understood.

LG OLED55B7 – Performance:

There is no doubt that the LG OLED TV of the year 2016 has already ruled the roost regarding its SDR (standard dynamic range) image quality. But the company has stunned us this year by the way it made, even more, improvements on them. This time also, this LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) TV set has used just the similar chipset and OLED panel as used in its Signature series of WZ OLED. That means all the OLED TV set of LG that presently exist should deliver the same image quality.
Even more impressive refinement made to this TV set is in the area of above-black handling. As this LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) review is all about the new features and the refinements made to its former brethren; here is another modification which is balancing between the rich blacks and the clean shadow details. However, the OLED TVs have always struggled to attain the perfect balance between these two. Since there’s electronically a big jump between OLED’s ‘off’ stage and very dark gray.
Inevitably, the B7 TV set keeps an edge over all its previous iteration in terms of showing low-light details with distinctly lesser noise and pixelation. Besides, there is little or almost no improvement in near-black uniformity; with thin vertical banding visible on very dark gray test patterns in a pitch-black room, but it didn’t bother me in real-life viewing.

Considering the price the B7 is feature-packed with support for all versions of HDR


The audio might not lure you as much as the image quality would do. The TV incorporates two standard low-fi down firing stereo speakers. A sort of monophonic that you need to upgrade sooner or later. Even so, the TV set has a Dolby Atmos decoder to offer you some quality sound. And also the Netflix client that uses both the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos streams.


LG offers a one-year parts and labor warranty on the B7 OLED

Our Point Of View:

Despite being entry-level of OLED TV, the company has maintained its class, and from nowhere it seems to be an entry-level TV that needs a lot of refinements in plenty of areas. So, you can say, this is the best iteration ever made by the company itself. This mid-range product not only has the best features but also comes at an affordable price. Or you can say it is the most affordable OLED TV available in the market.

Should I Buy The LG OLED55B7?

This must have been cleared from the LG OLED B7 (OLED55B7V) review. But if you still seek my opinion, then it is a YES. In fact, I would say you must not lose the chance of getting the best any OLED TV can have at the most affordable price ever offered. In all fairness, it is the TV set that deserves £3000 to be spent for.


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