In a world completely ruled by technology all over, there is nothing which is impossible if we talk about the digitization era. Be it ways to hide IP address or invention of something, the world is moving at a relentless pace. While there is no doubt about the advantages of this technologies, there is a certain drawback of them too. An average person spends much of their time using social media and this can be devastating in many ways.

The Internet may have made advancements in security but there are still some loops which can prove detrimental. Also, these holes have made it easier for cybercriminals to hack and steal some confidential data. In the last decade, there was a significant rise in hacking and cyber attacks all over the world. Many experts have come to a conclusion that hiding IP address can reduce the risk of cyber attacks. Also, it can remove the digital footprint which can be a way for an intruder to enter the confidential system. Read more here How to Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android?

Before going into the ways to hide IP address, let’s begin with an introduction.

IP Address

There are few who don’t recognize the real meaning of an IP address. An IP address is a unique set of numbers which is given to every other machine. It is similar to just like your home or email address. It is utmost essential to have an IP address without which, you will be unable to connect to the Internet.

Now, coming down to the main topic, here are the different ways to hide IP address.

How to Hide an IP Address?

Hiding an IP address is hardly a kind of challenge for many people. There are quite a few ways through which you can hide it and some of them are as follows.

Best Ways to Hide IP Address

  1. Ask the Internet Service Provider (ISP)

In any of the cases, if a user is in need of hiding its IP address, he/she can ask the ISP to make it hidden. Basically, there are two types of protocols which are present in the modern day times. One is static and the other one is dynamic. The former one will remain the same but the next one can shift its gears and an ISP can hide it.

In addition, ISP’s provide the users with a dynamic IP address instead of a static one. The reason is quite simple i.e. changing in some emergency cases. But, before changing your IP address, there might be some questions which an ISP will ask. Once they are fully confident in your given answers, they will surely alter it without any issue.

On the contrary, if the service provider refuses to oblige, you can take the whole matter in your hand. This may sound extreme but will work eventually. For doing the trick, you can opt for disconnecting your modem for a short period of time. Then, by reconnecting it again, it will lead to the assigning of a new IP address.

Though among the ways of hiding IP address, this can be one of the lengthy ways you can go for. Also, any user can lose the Internet connectivity with the former ISP which can be a setback for that particular user. All in all, with this technique, you can even change the IP address which is unique on its own. Read here to know, How to Recover Deleted Photos from Windows 10.

  1. Use a VPN

VPN also was known as the Virtual Private network is one of the best ways of hiding IP address. In the earlier years, only the Agencies and corporation were able to enjoy the benefits of VPN. But, in today’s world, the scenario is a lot more different. Today, with the advent of many online VPN services, hiding the IP address has become a lot easier. Hence, it is one of the best ways to hide IP address.

Do you think that the use of VPN is safe and legal to use? Almost every country considers the use of VPN to be safe and legal despite some of the exceptional ones. Among those exceptional ones include countries such as China, Iraq, Oman, Turkey and the UAE.

For providing immense security, a secure VPN transmits data over a secure channel. Also, it comes with some of the great additional features which include the detection of possible threats. If you are connected with a VPN network, there is no need to worry about the safety matrix. VPN’s can sense any illegal activity and will automatically allocate you to a different server with a different IP address. In addition, some VPN’s also provide hiding the IP address feature to watch out for such ones too.

There is a reason why VPN’s are on a growing scale and here are some of its marvellous benefits.

  • Increases the Security

With VPN, you can be safe from all the intruders and hackers as it implements a tighter security network.

  • Bypass the Censorship

Using VPN, you can bypass any kind of censorship and have an access to all the inaccessible contents.

  • Protection against cyber attacks

Many of you might be wondering about how to access the VPN. Well, the process is far simple as it seems. All that you need to do is to choose a good VPN service provider and implement your connection. When the system will be ON, your real IP address will be undercover and will be safe from any hacker.

  1. Proxy Servers

This might seem similar to a VPN service but it is far more different. A proxy server is like a bridge which sends information through the other end. Basically, a proxy server is the one which takes charge of all the actions in the process. As a result, it repeats everything that you do online. Thus, the traffic will remain undetectable to another entity.

Proxy servers are much more important than it seems. It enables the user to access the block content from any other wishful country.  This can be done with the help of a local server.

For example, if you are finding information of a foreign country, you can do it via a proxy server.

While it is a great tool for bypassing restrictions, they can do a little to hide an IP address. This is where it gets a whole different from VPN. Also, the proxy server does have the necessary security layer or encryption which prevents it from being stolen.

  1. TOR

TOR is yet another one of the ways to hide IP Address. It is free software which uses a series of the network for their communication.

With this program, users can download it and can hide their IP Address. TOR is an effective program for concealing the identity of any user. Basically, it employees a volunteer network of servers which can serve multiple purposes. At first, it can hide your IP Address as well as can assign the new one for your whole working process.

  1. Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is one of the best ways to hide IP Address or even overlap it with a new one. With a public Wi-Fi, you can go remain in a stealth mode i.e. the IP address will keep on changing. By this, users IP address can be hidden or it can be on a changing basis with respect to the environment. However, there are some risks using a public Wifi without any online protection tool. Read more here WiFi Hacking: How Hackers Break Into Your Wireless Network

Why Do You need to Protect your IP Address?

Different People may have different reasons for hiding their IP Address. But, there are some more popular reasons for hiding the IP Address:

  • Hiding the Identity from Competitors

In this world of digitization era, competition has gone through a cut-throat level. Also, people comment on their products as well on their competitor one’s for various purposes. This commenting can be done on various forums, blogs depending on the current objective. In such situations, using your default IP address can reveal your identity which is the main reason for hiding it.

  • Hide your geographical location

Certain networks prohibit the users from entering their premises. Thus, by hiding your IP address, you can enter the ban area and can accomplish your workable objective without any issue.

  • Prevention of Website Tracking

Every website tracks their users IP Address in any case. This can either be done because of security issues or keeping a record of users. Servers are the main component which does this service and responds it back to the website owner. By hiding your IP Address, any user’s web visits will be hidden from tracking and other regulatory norms of that particular website.

  • Workaround the Internet Censorship

Some countries like China have strict censorship norms which levy a great set of rules. Bypassing such laws and regulations can be a bit challenging from a different geolocation Hence, by hiding the default IP address and obtaining a new one, you can bypass such strict regulations with ease.

Conclusion- Best Ways to Hide IP address- How to Hide your IP Address Online?

With the growing amount of cyber attacks and other detrimental issues, there is a necessity of hiding the IP Address. Also, users are in search of protecting their data from various hackers where they search for ways to hide IP Address. Hence, follow, the above techniques, implement each one of them and you will surely be a master in hiding it. Read here to know, Microsoft Releases Quantum Computing Development Kit Review.


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