If we take into consideration any of the platforms such as Windows, iOS and even Android, there is one thing in each of those platforms which is unique for every other device. Yes, you guessed it right. It is the IP Address for any device. Everything of a device can be changed but not the IP address. Well, you can even say that that’s the unique quality of an IP address. In many of the cases, people usually find it difficult in finding their IP address for Windows, iOS or even MAC. However, you don’t need to worry. This article will surely make you masters at finding the answer to the question- How to Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android?

What is an IP Address?

An IP Address known as the Internet Protocol Address is a number which uniquely identifies any device on a network. Be it any of the devices in your homes such as a laptop, computer, printer, smartphones, tablets, media streamers and any other device in your home or office, each and everything has a unique IP address. In case of the home networks, the first two numbers are same but the third may be different depending on different router settings.

Different which different routers use are in the range of 0 to 2. The final number is recognized as a unique number which is ranging from 0 to 255. Basically, a computer will have an IP address only if it is connected to any router. Otherwise, the user will not be able to see much of the information. Find Your IP Address in Windows, IOs or Android from reading the article below.

How to Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android has been into debate despite many of the articles which explain in knowing your IP address. But this time the tables will turn around and you will surely be benefitted to answer this buzz question-Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android?

How to Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android – Part 1 (Windows)

Finding your IP Address in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

For the checking of the network connection details in any of the Window platforms such as Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 is quite simple and easy.

  • Head yourself to the control panel and select “View network status and Tasks” which anyone can find on the Network and Internet.
  • Now, select the option ‘Change adapter settings’ and then right click on the connection of which the details are to be checked.

  • After the above operation, all the operation pertaining the particular connection will be displayed right in front of you.

Finding your IP Address in Windows 10

  • Finding the IP address in Windows 10 is far easier process than it was in the previous versions of windows.
  • All that you need to do in windows 10 to see the IP address is to head towards the notification area in the taskbar and select Network Settings Link.
  • However, in some of the cases, if you are not using the Wi-Fi connection, you can go the settings and then select ‘network and Internet’, further, click on the category of connection you want to see such as the Wi-Fi and Ethernet and browse for more information.

  • I have chosen Wi-Fi, scroll down to the properties section and you will see your current IP address there. Finding your IP Address in Windows 10 is an easy task and will surely promote as a boost in answering the question to Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android. Read here to know, How to run Windows on Mac.

How to find your IP Address in Windows using command prompt

  • In the start menu, type cmd.exe and press Enter.
  • The above command will help in the opening of a black window like the one below. The process is same for almost every version of windows.
  • Click on this newly opened window, type “ipconfig” and press Enter.
  • The information displayed on the screen will be the Network Adaptor.
  • In the screen below you will see the IP address as which is the default IP address of your computer system. On the other hand, the default gateway is the router through which the computer is connected. The default router has the address as

  • However, In many of the cases if you need some extra details about the network adaptor’s physical address known as the MAC address, type ‘ipconfig/all’ at prompt and press Enter.

How to Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOs or Android – Part 2 (iOs)

A majority of the Apple user’s all over the internet has the query of knowing the IP address in their iPhone or an iPad. However, the curtains will be rolled down and keep reading ahead to know how to find the IP address for your Apple products and increase your knowledge to Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOs or Android as a whole.

Any individual’s iPhone is assigned a unique address known as the IP address when it connects to a WI-fi network. Just like the case goes with a physical mail which goes to your home address, same is the case with the iPhone IP address. The digital information is routed to your iPhone or iPad using an IP address.

    How to Find IP address in an iPhone/ iPad

  • For the first step, from home screen, tap on the settings.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi and the below screen will appear as shown.

  • FInd the network connection of the Wi-fi network and then tap the blue arrow located next to the network name. The window will appear as shown below.

  • After all the above procedure, your network’s current IP address is shown on the top of the window. As shown in the image above.

Congratulations, you have successfully found out the iPhone/ iPad’s IP address. You have gained a little more information about the buzz question- Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android.

Note: Your iPhone/iPad are assigned a dynamic IP address which in turn is a temporary address. It is unique only to your internal network. These addresses commonly begin with 192.168 and 10.0.1. Since these addresses are randomly assigned by router every time a device connects to a network. You cannot expect your iPad or your iPhone to have the same dynamic IP address every time you will connect to a Wi-Fi network.

How to Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android – Part 3 (Android)

Androids OS have been into bloom since the past decade. There is certainly no way of stopping it from becoming a giant in every platform till date. However, there are some certain basic things which every Android User needs to know. Beside’s Android is one of the easiest OS to use and a more customizable in every aspect of it. There are certain things which are not known to the Users. Those things will be disclosed in this article. Yes, we are talking about the basic things such the IP address.

The confusion to Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android will never be evaded. Until you do not know how to find your Android’s IP address. Finding the IP address of a Smartphone can be a difficult job sometimes. Below are some of the ways by which you can find your android phones IP address.

How to Find Your IP Address in Android from the Phone

  • From the Phone, Go to settings; go to wireless controls and click on the Wi-Fi settings and then tap on the network you are connected to.

  • It will pop up with the network status, signal strength, security type and IP address as shown above.

How to Find Your IP Address in Android from Web browser of the Phone

  • Finding your global IP address can be accomplished in the same way in every Smartphone.
  • To get to know your IP address from the web browser, simply browse to CmyIp.com or touch.WhatsMyIP.org.

In some of the situations, you may need your Android Smartphone’s IP address for the creation of a media centre remote or a wireless file server. On the other hand, there is a number of Smartphones and a computer that needs your Smartphone’s IP address. By knowing this step of finding the IP address for your android phone, you will now gain a perfect knowledge in answering the question- Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android quite comfortably.

Conclusion-How to Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android?

Consequently, to sum up, IP address is the most important for any of the hardware devices. Whether it is a Smartphone, a computer or any latest technology-driven device. Tackling the question to Find Your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android was quite a confusing. It is also a difficult task because different websites depict different ways of viewing of your IP address. However, now when you have read the whole article. You would have surely mastered and gained a complete knowledge. You can now find your IP Address in Windows, iOS or Android with ease and comfort. Read here to know, How to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

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