What is a VPN service?

A Virtual Private Network is capable of offering secure connections through encrypted tunnels between the users and the servers. People always think that their transactions are safer when they use an Antivirus or so-called Software. But it is not so! Every day we encounter various viruses and online issue those, in turn, badly affect our online privacy. Therefore, VPNs are best choices to protect online privacy and to be safer from various fraudulent activities.

How does it Work?

With VPNs, you can connect to the remote office networks if your office has worldwide locations. You can access online contents across the globe even when exists any restrictions on the country where you live. For example, China and Iran are well-known for blocking traffic from other countries. Let us now look at how a VPN works to protect online privacy. If you are new to VPNs, then read this VPN guide for beginners.

We access the Internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) network and sometimes, we access it through public Wi-Fi too (Read here to know how to stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks). Unexpectedly, these connections are not always safer, and the VPN tunnel comes into the picture now. Just look at the above image, and you can come to know that your data traverses through a separate tunnel to reach the other end of the network. By this way, you can protect online privacy and can go ahead even with transactions that require most secure accesses (see the most secure VPN services).

What does a VPN do other than Protecting Online Privacy?

  • Ensures Anonymity in your activities:

When you use an ISP network, anyone can easily track your Internet Protocol (IP) address with which the actual physical location can even be traced. But with a VPN, nobody could trace your identity and you can remain anonymous in all your transactions. You can play online games, or watch videos without letting others that it was you who did it! (see the best Anonymous VPN).

  • Supports Live Streaming services:

Nowadays, people started using the Live audio or video streaming services to spend their leisure times and to get relaxed, get the best VPN for streaming services. But not everyone can avail such services because there are regulations pertaining to the owning companies or the countries. With a VPN in place, you can access any streaming service with no barriers. Also, you can protect online privacy while enjoying the music or video of your choice as a VPN always covers your identity! Read here to know how to Live stream like a pro gamer.

  • Overcomes Geo-restrictions:

Most of us are aware of the internet blocking in countries like Iran, China, etc that never allows server requests from other countries. It means that only the local citizens can access the websites from their countries and others would face a geo-specific restriction while they try to do so. This may seem to be a great disappointment for the netizens and even many people claim it to be a selfish thought! Whatever it may be, we cannot change the rules of a country. But all we can do is to use a VPN to overcome such a geo-restriction and can protect online privacy, read more how to unblock geo-restricted sites.

  • Breaks Firewalls:

If you are a student or a corporate employee, you might have faced issues while accessing social media or other entertainment contents. This is because, in those institutes and corporate companies, there are barriers called Firewalls framed to block such accesses. The solutions to break such firewalls are using proxies or VPNs. When you use a proxy, you are not accessing contents safely because anybody could trace your activity. Therefore, the only trustworthy solution to break firewalls is to use a VPN. Read here on Setting up a VPN between firewalls.

Attributes of the Right VPN service for you

By this time, you could have understood the importance of a VPN and could have decided to use one. But do not stop with that and read further to pick the right VPN for you!

  • Server Presence:

This is the most important thing that you should note before taking a VPN service. If you plan to travel to a country and be sure that the VPN provider has servers in those countries apart from where you actually dwell. Also, it is better to check whether the VPN provider has servers in all the countries where you have branch offices and you need to communicate with the colleagues there.

  • Concurrent Connections:

If you plan to take a single VPN connection for all the members of your family, then it is a better idea to select the VPN that allows least 3 or 5 simultaneous connections.

  • Device & OS Support:

Before getting a VPN connection, you should also check whether it supports all the devices such as Smartphone, Laptop, Desktops, iPad, Router, etc that you are planning use with the VPN. Also, the VPN should be compatible with the operating systems (OS) that you use in those devices. When you realise that the VPN does not support your device or OS, then it I almost waste that you got the connection.

  • The cost of Subscription:

We can get a VPN connection at an affordable rate when we go for long term subscriptions. Usually, the subscription plans are classified as monthly, quarterly, or yearly. When you begin, you can go with a monthly plan and later just shift to the year when you need VPN for a longer duration.

  • Free trials & Money Back Guarantee:

Most VPN providers offer a free trial and just use that before paying any money. This is an excellent opportunity to test the performance of the VPN even before subscribing it. Few VPNs instead of offering free trials, they give the money back guarantee. It means you can claim your subscribed money upon dissatisfaction of their services. So, check for those features before you choose a VPN.

  • Payment Modes:

VPNs do support a variety of payment mode including the Bitcoins, the most anonymous online payments. Apart from that, we can avail online credit/debit card payment, wire transfers, PayPal, etc. Look for the one that suits you best and check whether your VPN has the facility.

  • Customer Support:

A 24×7 customer support along with a Live Chat facility is really appreciated among the VPN providers. Few VPNs help their customers in the setup process through remote assistance.

Conclusion: How VPNs Protect Online Privacy?

Fraudulent activities are prevalent in every domain and the online field is not an exception. But it lies in our hand to protect online privacy by choosing the right preventive measures i.e., the secured connections. So use a VPN and that can save you from a variety of issues and give you a complete online freedom.

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