A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is meant to offer secure and anonymous connections irrespective of the place in which it is used. The most important benefit of it is to unblock websites and let us discuss more of it in detail.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a secure tunnel through which the user data is sent or received from the server on the Internet. We could assume it as a separate channel that might be encrypted to offer an extra security to our data. Read the VPN Guide – Everything a Beginner Needs to Know About VPN to get a better idea.

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Why are Some Websites Blocked?

The websites are blocked due to a number of reasons and one of them is to boost the security. Applying this method is important to make sure the sensitive data is secured and no spy or hacker can break into any country’s data. It is similar to how we block calls from certain numbers to our mobile number and here the mobile number is replaced by the website. In these cases, the necessity to unblock websites arises and we would learn how to do it with a VPN in this article.

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What is Geo-Restriction?

Most of the countries never allow requests from others countries to view their web pages. It means their websites will not be available from anyone outside the country. For example, China is well-known for placing such a barrier with the Great Firewall of China. Similarly, countries such as Iran, Iraq, etc block their websites to other countries. This type of restriction which blocks users from other countries to access their sites is called as Geo restriction.

We call such sites geo restricted websites. It includes some of the top sites as well like; Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer etc. all these are available only within the United States. These are video streaming services and million of people are regular users and fans of these top streaming sites around the world. Unfortunately, not all are able to access these outside the country the site is based in.Despite such a restriction how could it be viewed around the world? There comes the role of VPN and let us discuss how to unblock websites with VPN now. Read here to know How to Unblock BBC iPlayer Outside UK?

How do they Identify my Location and Block my Request?

We are well-aware of the fact that every device connected to the Internet is assigned with an Internet Protocol (IP) Address and it reveals the location of the user. So, while we try to access the websites of other countries, the website provider checks whether the request is from the same country. If so, you will get the access otherwise, it would be simply blocked or geo restricted. Often it is accomplished with the help of Firewalls that act as a barrier between the website and the requestor from another country.

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How VPN works?

Once you get a VPN service, the VPN service will assign you a username and password to use it via email you register with. So before you start browsing the web, it is important to login to the VPN with your username and password. A VPN provider has its servers placed in several of countries based on where it extends its services. For example, let us consider a VPN that operates in the UK as well in India. When the Indian tries to unblock websites of the UK server, it is possible with VPN, (get the Best VPN for UK). I

n this case, the VPN server of India contacts the VPN server of the UK, and then the request is sent to the Netflix server through the VPN server of the UK. Therefore, the Netflix server thinks that the request is from within the country and it just grants the access (see how to get American Netflix anywhere in the world). Let us discuss the same in more clear steps now. Also, read here to know How I made my own VPN server in 15 minutes?

Step-1: The user logs in to the VPN network and tries to access the Netflix server of the UK.

Step-2: The user VPN server contacts the UK VPN server. Here there is no such restriction as the servers belong to the VPN provider.

Step-3: Now, the UK VPN server puts requests to the UK Netflix server. As the request is from a local server, you will get the access.

Step-4: Finally, the website is unblocked by a server from another country with the help of a VPN.

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How to get a VPN Connection?

One of the fantastic options to unblock websites is by using a Vow PN. Here is how you can get such a connection to access the Geo restricted contents. Read here to know The Best VPN Services 2017.

Step-1: Analyze the features, cost, etc of the available VPNs in your country.

Step-2: Check whether the VPN provider has servers in the country where you need to unblock the websites.

Step-3: Look for the subscription options available with that VPN. Usually, they support monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly payments. Also look for the payment mode such as credit, debit, Paypal, Bitcoin, etc that want to use for your payments.

Step-4: Before paying money, just check whether the VPN provider has any free trial offers. Few VPN providers offer a free trial for 3 or 7 days. If it’s there, then it is better to avail it. With which you could check the performance of the VPN before paying any money. Once you get the subscription the VPN service will assign you a username and password. If you are a trial user, then you would get a temporary username and password.

Step-5: Download the VPN client for your device and log in to the VPN network with your username and password. (A VPN client is a software or App with which you could log in to the respective VPN network)

Step-6: Select the country whose servers that you are planning to unblock. The process is complete now.

Now, you can access the contents of a Geo restricted website without any hassles as you have got the IP address of the server that you had selected from the server list of the VPN Client. Read here to know How to Connect to a VPN in Window?

Conclusion- How Can You Use a VPN to Unblock Websites?

If you stream online contents or if you use social networking websites often, then it is irritating to see the message that the ‘access is denied’. However, a right and stable VPN helps you unblock websites at your office, school, or at places where the Firewall blocks some sites.


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