Despite more of the slogan of global peace and all the technological advancements, the issue of VPN ban in China is still on its firm hold. It seems as if China is in no state of lifting the ban and the situations will look the same. China is one of the biggest online markets and banning VPN must have surely made a loss of a few billion. As of now, the world knows that VPN’s are Banned in China and the war will still continue to grow.

Withstanding a series of debate and other issues, here is the full story so as to why VPN’s are Banned in China. I will talk in a little bit of detail about the earlier as well as the current date scenario. Also, for people who like to use VPN in China, a solution for the same will also be shown. So, relax your couches in and keep reading this enchanting article full of reasons and ways to access VPN in China. Read here to know, Why is Google Banned in China?

VPN’s are Banned in China- A complete insider Story

VPN’s are Banned in China and as of now, it is known as a crime by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). All of these came as a hindrance to a number of things. Among such things, people were using VPN to access facebook, twitter as well as YouTube.

Understanding the Background

Since VPN’s are partially known as an illegal way to access the Internet, there are some things which surely clings to it. First of all, VPN’s need to be a legal one. Any illegal VPN, any country people will surely not entertain at any cost.

MIIT Announcement

MIIT has given a new set of rules for China’s VPN as well as for cable regulations. These regulations will be online from 1st February 2018.

Rather than focusing entirely on authorities working for multinational companies, there is another plan with it. The Chinese administrators are all focusing on providing the VPN services to the citizens of China.

Recent Restriction of VPN Banned in China

VPN’s are Banned in China for years but if we talk about a recent scenario, here are the details. A recent restriction of VPN users in China happened in March 2016 which surely disrupted the entire Online community.

Also, many of the publications in China like the South China Post as well as Washington Post gave some detailing. In such details, they told about the availability of a number of VPN providers in China. Such providers have their links with state-own enterprises which usually allows the banks and law firms in paying substantial fees. For such fees, they are an active member to bypass the Great Firewall which is known as China’s largest sophisticated censorship system. Read here to know,5 Best VPN Services 2017.

Government Ordering Country State Run Phone carriers

Among such country state-run phone carriers, a listing of them are as follows:

  • First is China Mobile (860 Million)
  • Second, China Unicom (268 Million)
  • And China Telecom (227 Million)

Such carriers will implement a ban on various companies which are operating in the Mainland area. With the ability for the extension of this scenario, companies without a leased web-access line will come under ban situations.

Regulations as well as the Challenges

Among the issue of why VPN’s are Banned in China, some regulations as well challenges are in the cover story. Although China has a great amount of control over the availability of the Internet to its users, issues are still present. First of all use of a VPN in China distracts China’s mission to implement “cyber sovereignty” inside their borders.

Main reason for blocking various Networking Sites

The main reason behind China banning the networking sites is with the highest level of all political struggles. Also, various other parties are also using the Internet as a battlefield which is surely not a healthy sign in China. The Chinese government wants to maintain as much peace as possible and which is the reason behind the ban of networking sites.

If Chinese MIIT got success

If Chinese MIIT launches an internet crackdown to shut down every loophole, people will surely face the issue. In such issue, they will not be able to access VPN as well as other sites which the Chinese governments have shut down.  Along with some social networking sites, there were some other sites too which were taken down by China. Among such sites were some news sites like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal which dealt harsh measures.

VPN’s are Banned in China -VPN’s Intension to do Business in China

VPN’s are looking forward to doing business in China but the story ends up seeing the current ban on them. Due to ban, it will surely affect the companies as well as the employees to a great extent. But never the less, this is the power of the Chinese government and is still on the rise in the current scenario.

Examples of People much prone to such Ban’s

Among the people who became a prey for such bans includes an environmental researcher who was using Google Docs for collaboration. Another one was Shanghais curator who was working with the overseas artists.

What does this mean in the Global Context?

In China’s global contextual economy, VPN surely plays an important role and are one of the top tools for securing different communications. Also, it is a must tool for doing foreign business in China in order to secure companies data. In addition, they are helpful in order to communicate with the companies headquarter overseas.

Chinese Government Ensuring Apple and Android App stores to remove VPN Apps

The Chinese governments are on the verge to remove VPN apps from Apple as well as Android App Store. With such move, its absence apart from disturbing the economy of the nation will do some more things. It will surely harm a number of academics, foreign businesses, and academics.

The Current Date Scenario and a further explanation on Why VPN’s are Banned in China

With the frequent Use of VPN’s, it became a daily Chinese Government Target. Here are some more reasons why VPN’s are Banned in China:

  • VPN’s surely helps millions of Chinese citizens to climb over the Great Firewall and do operations with ease.
  • With such feasibility, users can access their favourite sites such as Facebook, the New York Times many more.
  • The citizens of China can see the contents which the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t want them to see.

The Bloomberg report

In the report, it follows a series which are said as follows. In the series, a great number of regulations in the year 2017 were a part of China’s efforts. Due to such effort, China was looking forward to accelerating the tightening control of the Internet which is surely a masterstroke. Read here to know Is Using a VPN Safe?

Cracking Down

In the late January, MIIT published a notice in which the Chinese Telecoms will provide VPN services for business purposes. Also, this effort will last only for 14 months and was meant to “clean up and regulate the Internet access service market.”

Beijing’s Law Imposing policy

Beijing has come out with a law known as the long-gestating Cybersecurity Law which does some pretty harsh things. In the law, it regulates where companies can store as well as move data in China.

This law is a subpart of the government’s move to disable the cross-border data flow. Even at the local level, cities as well as provinces to stop the usage of VPN use. ‘

Some still fighting for the cause- VPN’s are Banned in China

On July 1, 2017, one of the popular services GreenVPN came to a standstill. In June, the company said, they were given notices from the higher authorities without elaborating any detailing.

“I won’t survive without a VPN”, says a 25-year-old Klara Xu who works in a Media Company which resides in Shanghai. Apart from such scenarios, still there are some more

However, for all the folks out there who are thirsty to still access VPN in China, I have got something for you too. Here in this section, we will discover some of the fantastic ways to use VPN in China. Let’s break the barrier on the debate- VPN’s are Banned in China and discover some ways to use VPN in China.

Discover some of the Marvelous ways to Use VPN in China

How to set up a VPN service for China Use

There are surely over hundreds of VPN providers in China but as you know, VPN’s are volatile in China. If you are having a bad day, your VPN provider can be banned but in some days, it can run smoothly. As a result, you will need the best VPN for China. A good VPN service provider can deal with any issue and can provide you with the reliable services

How to Download VPN in China?

Using two methods, you can download VPN service in China. Either you can go for some custom apps or your device can also set up service through manual configuration. However, both the services require subscribing to a Chinese VPN provider at first.

Once you have chosen the very best VPN service provider, here are the steps to download VPN China on your device:

  1. Click on your appropriate VPN provider.
  2. Make an account on the provider’s site.
  3. Now, select the package which will suit your needs and confirm it.
  4. Download the Custom VPN app from play store, iTunes or from any other marketplace.
  5. After a successful installation of the above software, run it and enjoy the lure benefits of blockage websites straight from China.

Setup VPN on iOS in China

Before you begin the process, I hope you have chosen some VPN service provider for the same. If you have done it, let’s start with the initial process:

  1. Search Settings of your device and go to General, Click on VPN and tap on the Add VPN Connection.
  2. Now, Tap on the PPTP or IPSec option from the top. Enter a suitable name for the connection in the description. Now enter the service Address in the Server field.
  3. Enter your VPN username as well as a password in the appropriate fields.
  4. Turn on the Send All Traffic and click on Save.
  5. After the above operations, your VPN connections is ready and go to Settings and click on VPN.
  6. At last, click on the Status Switch to let you connect with VPN and enjoy.

Setup VPN on Android in China

Just like iOS, Android users can also set up VPN on their android phones with utmost ease and comfort. Once you have chosen a Chinese VPN, you can access the blockage sites after following the below steps:

  1. Go to the Settings of your Android Phone and go to More Connection Settings.
  2. Now, click on VPN.

3. Enter a Name for your connection and select the type of connection you want. Either you can go to PPTP or L2TP.

4. Enter the server address which the VPN service provider must have given to you. After entering the details, click on save

5. Hurray!, the VPN connection is all ready for you and click on the newly made VPN connection.

  1.  Enter the Username as well as password given by the VPN service provider.

7. If you have done all the above steps successfully, you will be able to see a key icon on the status bar. That’s it Enjoy to the core.

Conclusion- Why VPNs are Banned in China and How to Use a VPN in China?

As of now, I hope you have gone through the complete article. If you have gone through it in a deep consideration way, you must have known the real cause of why VPNs are Banned in China. And for those who were in a need to use VPN in China, great information for the same is also given. As a citizen of China, everything is in front of your eyes. You choose to be a slave or to break free. At last, With China’s move to ban VPN’s all over, users are still smart enough to find a way to break free. Read here to know, How VPN Protects Online Privacy?


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