In this new age world of digitization, everyone is connected by different social media platforms till date. Well, Facebook and Twitter have been among the topmost rank from the other social media platforms. But, with a cyber war going in each country, something fishy can happen at any time and anywhere around the globe. Being said that, Facebook Banned in China is surely a hot topic of debate to be looked at.

With the Chinese government and their officials are on a constant move to see the possible threats that can damage their country to a great extent. Facebook also was a threat to them. The Chinese government has blocked Facebook in China due to a majority of the reasons which I explained later in this article.

As we see in today’s scenario, the majority of riots are happening all over the world due to some reason or the other. Facebook was also blacklisted after a series of riots in Xinjiang in 2009. The Chinese government also blocks Twitter, another social media platform. 

Why Facebook banned in China?

Facebook is banned in China because of the allegation from the China government on Facebook. The allegation says that these network platforms are used to coordinate different protests and spread disastrous rumours. However, with the spreading of rumours to a major extent, any dangerous condition can occur in the country. Thus, on visualizing these conditions, Chinese government levied a ban on Facebook.

With the inclusion of Facebook banned in China, many other things have happened over the past few years in China. It is definitely much easier for a communist government, an authoritarian to censor the social media networks. With such kind of censoring, they can directly exert control over these network sites. With the Facebook banned in China, it has led to a rise of different domestic Chinese digital firms. These Chinese firms are sympathetic to the government’s rules and regulations. Thus, they are the ones who earn profit from Facebook banned in China.

Reasons for VPN Ban in China

Due to a fall in the western business in China, the domestic ones have taken their business to the next level. As a result of which they are earning millions and growing their business. Further, all these things have an effect on reducing the influence of the foreign culture on the Chinese population.

With the Facebook banned in China, many people in China believed that this issue will resolve in the upcoming years. But surprisingly, neither international protests nor any kind of riot took place against Facebook banned in China. Thus, the Chinese government retained the policy.

Facebook Stance on Facebook Ban in China

However, Facebook was even willing to let the Chinese government have an access to several of the censor contents and access to user information. Facebook banned in China had lifted, if the Chinese government accepted these conditions. On the other hand, due to a constant resistance from Facebook users, the company plans were abandoned to expand themselves ahead into the Chinese market.

As the years passed in China, each and everything changed at a gradual level. With Facebook Banned in China, it gave opportunities to many of the Chinese business brands to grow their market in China as well as to the rest of the world. Among those brands were the digital giant known as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent. Well, from the above scenario we can conclude that it was not an example of economic protectionism. Despite, it was a quite smart political move by the state to bring up the domestic business to the next level of business. Read here to know, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Review.

Under certain circumstances even if the Chinese government released the ban done to Facebook, it is doubtful that it will make much of an impact in the Chinese digital market. During a period of the ban on Facebook in China, a majority of the social media sites in China have emerged. In the present day situation, many of those social networking sites have paved their presence quite dominantly in the Chinese markets. The Chinese markets would also be endorsed by the state in the favour of the western sites platforms.  

Facebook Banned in China- Top 7 reasons to be looked at

  • Chinese government usually bans the harmful sites

China has been very much specific when it comes to security. They have laid down tight security constraints for the prevention of any kind of intruder or cyber attack. Any of the illegal activity will be strictly taken into consideration by the Chinese government on an immediate effect. If we see a list of sites which have been banned in China, you will surely see plenty of them.

The Chinese government wants to make their country cyber war free and is striving hard each and every day to inculcate new and improved policies. Facebook is surely on top of the list of sites banned in China.

  • Riots in Xinjiang

A major riot happened in China in the year 2009. Where nearly around 197 people lost their lives. It was majorly due to the unwanted rumours spread through the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. As these sites were the main culprit for spreading of the rumours which caused the death of several of the innocent people in China, Facebook, as well as Twitter, was banned after that disastrous incident.

  • Social sites are used to coordinate protest

Protests were never the same before the invention of different social media sites. In today’s world, people are a sort of more united and connected. Same is the case with China also. Before Facebook Banned in China, many of the protest campaigns ran on Facebook by different groups. Coordination on these social sites was of an utmost top class level. Thus, as a result of which people got in a stronger position to make themselves protest in a more efficient manner.  This was one of the reasons for the facebook banned in China,

  • Used in the spreading of rumours

Rumors are the main reason why different riots occur. They can spread a wildfire and cause havoc situations anywhere in the world. Any unwanted rumour is absolutely dangerous for destroying the peace of any country. Thus, China was also too much concern about their countries peace like any other country.

The China government believes that people use Facebook to spread false rumours that could result in unwanted devastating riots. Hence, for the safety of people, China banned facebook. Apart from Facebook, many of the other sites are also banned by China.

  • Facebook denied giving China access to users Info

None of the users will want to leak their info in any of the cases. Facebook on the other to has their policies and rights. In those policies, Facebook claims that their user data will not be given to anyone and it will be kept confidential.

But the case of China was quite different. After the Xinjiang riots, China asked Facebook to give an access to the user’s information. But a major mass of people didn’t like this proposal as it as a threat to their confidential information on Facebook.

Thus, because of the above reasons, China banned Facebook and didn’t lift that ban in the upcoming years.

  • For helping national websites

Every country major economic success depends on the success ratio for their domestic business. The more the domestic business will bloom; the better will be the economy of any country. Taking of all these into consideration, many of the people thought that China was also doing the same thing.

Further displaying people’s views, they said that China wanted to give the local people the opportunity to create different websites for their business and push the economy forward.

But, even if this was China’s plan, it is a success. It brought their domestic business to the next level of success and glory. If we see today’s scenario of China, plenty of online businesses are running in full flow and are helping China to grow their economy to the highest attainable rate they can possess.

  • To have a control over the Content

Furthermore, controlling the content was one of the main reasons for the Facebook banned in China. China wanted to have a complete control over their site contents.

The reason was quite simple- To levy tight security constraints on various social networking sites. China knew that the monitoring of content is a good way to stop rumours, illegal activities etc. 

In addition, China also controls the topics people discuss in China. It can catch those people who are creating a cause of riots and political instability. Hence, the Chinese government can maintain a great level of peace and harmony among people.

Ways to access Facebook in China

  • Finding a VPN service that fits your need

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) creates an encrypted connection to a remote server. Through which you can access the internet from behind the Internet firewalls. VPN have a great amount of influence on the Internet traffic.

Although VPN is not free, you can choose from a range of best VPN service for China to help you get a taste of VPN and its tips and tricks. Many of the sites on the internet have their blogs through which we can get a hefty amount of information on the unblocking of various sites on the Internet. Further, there are certain sites which provide monthly plans rather than a monthly fee.

  • Check whether  that VPN works in China or not

Not all VPNs are working in China. Check the company for which you are opting for and read their reviews online. Apart from all of the servers, there are certain loopholes through which you can gain an access to the banned sites in China. You just need to spend some time in finding out the servers which will work in China. I am sure that there are plenty of those out there on the Internet.

  • Download any important software

Different VPN services will provide you with different options. Some services will provide the user with a VPN client. They can install the VPN client on their computer. While others will provide you with the connection information you need to enter into your system.

Ideally, you should install VPN software before you visit China. The reason is that once you visit China, you will know all VPN sites are inaccessible.Setting up the VPN outside China will help it easier to access sites. In case you have not downloaded any VPN before visiting China, read this: How to Download VPN in China?

Some of the VPN service providers provide a range of apps for iPhone, iPad or Android.

Access Facebook in China by using a VPN

Either enter the VPN information in your operating system’s connection settings or run the client. VPN clients have all of the services pre-configured and you will only require entering the login information. Follow these steps to download a VPN in China to access Facebook and other blocked sites in China.

  1. Choose any VPN service recommended here, and click the link to sign up for it.
  2. Install the VPN App as per your streaming device. All the VPN services I recommended have dedicated VPN Apps for all the major OS and devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Linux etc.
  3. After installation, open the app and sign in by entering the credentials emailed to you by your selected VPN provider.
  4. After opening the App, select the Hong Kong, Japan etc. server from the list of VPN servers.
  5. Additionally, when connected, VPN not only provides you different IP addresses but also encrypts your internet traffic which secures you from cyber criminals.
  6. After successive connection of your VPN, you can visit a majority of the blocked sites which were earlier not accessible.

Conclusion-Why is Facebook Banned in China?

Consequently, the Chinese government has their norms and reasons for Facebook banned in China issue. But you as a user can try the above tips and tricks to get an access to Facebook and re-enter into the glamorous world of social media. Read here to know, Facebook Ads Transparency.

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