Why is Google Banned in China? The 21st century has given us many technological advancements and a life which we can be proud of. From a single core computer straight to the advanced systems of big multi-national companies. We are not far behind a world which will operate fully on technologies and Artificial Intelligence. With many companies who were struggling in the earlier 21st century, there was one company which outshined every competitor and rose to the highest apex which is still on his firm hold. Yes, it is none other than Google. The Biggest search engine of the present time, Google has left his reflection to almost every country on this planet and is earning a massive amount of revenue from providing their services all over the Globe.

Reason Google is Banned in China

Furthermore, with some massive incomes and success comes to a dark side of everything. China, one of the superpowers of the world took some enormous action and banned the every shining company Google. Since then the topic of Google Banned in China is much into debate even in the current date.

While the majority of reporter and news channels said that China wanted their domestic companies to shine and rise instead of Google in this cutthroat competitive market, here is the full story to shed some light into the eternal debate of Google Banned in China.

Google Banned in China- History

When Google shut down its famous Chinese search engine in 2010, it gave rise to an enormous market. China has a massive population which is double when we compare it to the US, and many of the Chinese people are residing still in the US too. As a result of which the Chinese Users on the Internet are growing at a relentless pace and can surpass any other country. However, Google might have plans to return to China in the nearby future by any means.

Google Banned in China- Cyber attack on China

Censorship was the Major reason for the Google Banned in China case and why Google also shut down its Chinese operations after discovering a cyber attack within China. In this attack, dozens of companies were on target, and this led to a significant chaos situation all over. After series of investigation, Google found that the Gmail accounts of some Chinese human activists were hacked.

Chinese Government’s Harsh Censorship Policies

Four years ago, Google had set up a shop in China before the breach, in which Google gave a variety of services that confirmed to the government’s harsh censorship policies. At the same time, Google officials said of deciding that the most feasible option was to offer some services to the whole Chinese market. They were thriving hard to give vast information to millions of users all over the Internet.

The 2010 Attacks

But, because of the 2010 attacks, the company took back a reverse turn on its actions. Instead of abiding by the Governments requests to filter out their search results, the tech giant directed their entire Chinese traffic straight to the uncensored Hong Kong version search engine. This, vulnerable move by the company led to a situation of chaos in China which led to the rise of a new debate topic-Google Banned in China and within months, Google’s services were left inaccessible to the majority of the Chinese users within months.

Google Oppressive Move

Google’s tricky move to pull strings back in China is one of the most extreme examples of various decisions the Internet companies which are working abroad are up against. If Google wanted to help China regarding providing useful information to millions of people out there, he would have to abide by the local laws which can even include a restriction on speech. Also, the U.S government has laws in relation with freedom-of-speech and as a result of which the American companies must follow the same rules and regulations. With China having similar rules as that of the U.S it was necessary for Google to follow the Chinese norms.

Despite China, there are more repressive countries which levy higher strict rules. With such oppressive governments, companies receive major request to take down their services because they are exploiting the countries laws.

For example, In Russia, speaking wrong on any of the public officials can lead to libel suits which can be costly at times.

Lee Rowland’s View

Lee Rowland, a senior staff attorney of American Civil Liberties Union, says, every company must submit to governments request for censorship. In any case of law violation, services of that company must be taken down. Further Rowland says, every company must be transparent to any country. If Google had chosen the path of following the Chinese government laws, Google Banned in China issue will not have risen in any case.

Google Towards the end- Google Banned in China

Towards the end, Google gave a detailing annual transparency report, where they showed the number and types of content they took down and which are the countries from where they operate. However, with such a severe issue- Google Banned in China, the most deadly accurate reports can be difficult to access where the censorship takes place.

On the other hand, many companies do not take down reports of contents which violates the respective countries terms of service because they fail to identify which requests come from the government.

Google Banned in China- Some Interesting Reasons

Whenever any country has a strict censorship, even the students of that country cannot get information with full freedom and this was a case in China years back.

Every stroke has some of the hidden and possible reasons to what is the actual reason for Google Banned in China issue. China must have undoubtedly brought a hype of success by the elimination of Google and other foreign companies, but this debate is surely not going to end on a low note.

Chinese Government Assumption

The government of China has assumed that all of the foreign websites are promoting an unhealthy environment within their country. With such jealousy from the major international companies, there is no such medicine as such which will cure such disease of the Chinese government.

China needs to separate their people from the rest of the world

With such massive action to ban Google in China by some censorship issues, the picture is becoming clear. The Chinese government wants to make their nation, a whole different from the rest of the countries. Also, they want to implement some more strict laws which can further restrict other foreign companies too.

China doesn’t want the foreign companies to keep an eye on their user data

Not many people know that Google possesses a check on its user. Whenever you plan to hack someone’s Facebook account and type it into Google. Google acknowledges far early that you are going to hack somebody’s account. But, in the case of China, the scenario is a little different. The Chinese government doesn’t want Google to keep a watch on any of their User’s data. Instead, they want this control in their hands to control every user’s data which is certainly not feasible in the current day scenario. With such in-depth planning, the same message was conveyed to the public of China to ban such foreign websites.

Talks about various topics

Google banned in China was also due to different uprising topics which were exploiting the Chinese government laws. In such topics- not talking about the religious convictions, sites which sponsor democracy about multiparty, sites which bargains on various deals about social networking were all a part of this global issue.

Promoting the small-scale business

If we see the China’s current business condition, the small-scale companies have made an uprising leap over the past years. Among such giants are Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and many more. With Google Banned in China, the small-scale companies got a sheer chance of turning the tables around, and all of them made huge revenues. In return, all of them became multinational companies. China’s this move was a clear indication to help the small companies become the next supergiant in the world and compete with foreign companies upfront.

Google losing tons of profit with Google Banned in China issue

China knew that they are the world’s largest population and banning Google will incur it, a significant loss of their annual revenue profits and the same thing became a reality. After the ban, Google lost tons of revenues because of losing billions of users who were one of the reasons for generating a portion of profit for Google.

Combining of the political and business management

Google Banned in China was quite a brainy move by the Chinese government. As they had their firm hold on the political side of their country, next step was to get a firm control over the business aspect also in which they quite smartly made way back for Google which was generating a massive amount of revenue from China. Hence, if we see the present day situation of China, they have got a deadly grip on political aspect as well as the business one. Read here to know, F.C.C Plans Net Neutrality Appeal.

How to access Google in China

Choose a VPN

The Internet is a treasure for any software’s which you can get at any point in time. In case of VPN, choose the best VPN for China which is trustable and start the initial process. However, if you are opting for a free VPN, they may not work accurately when we compare them with the paid VPN services. The Payable VPN services do not cost much, and in a country like China where deadly security constraints are levied, you will surely not want to take a chance of failing in such securable environment.

Thus, it is advisable to choose a VPN service whose servicing is of top class. At the same time does not imply a heavy load on your pocket. But, it is advisable to do an extensive research. Among the available VPN service providers, scale down each of their servicing. You will inevitably end up with the best VPN service provider.

Installing a VPN

After successfully choosing the correct VPN service provider for you. The next step is to install that VPN in your respective computer system. Some fundamental questions will accompany during the installation process. Which anyone can proceed with ease and move further to the next step.

Running the VPN program

After completing the Installation process, it is advisable to run VPN program on your computer. Talking about running, every VPN program has a similar running mechanism. However, there may be some differences in the Interfaces and designing. Furthermore, you will need to enter the country name. In such scenario, choose a country which doesn’t have a ban on Google. By doing this, the VPN will set up your computer with a fake IP address.

That’s all; your IP address will belong to any country other than China. Aa result of which being in China will not hamper your relation with Google’s tons of information.

Conclusion- Why is Google Banned in China?

Hence, Google Banned in China was not much of an issue. However, the Chinese government made Google’s way out of their country quite smartly. Furthermore, one thing is quite clear. That the Chinese government wants a firm hold on every possible aspect they could ever have control over. On the other hand, Google Banned in China was the main reason for bringing the domestic companies like Alibaba and many others in the limelight of success. 

Hence, the proof is right in front of your eyes; the majorities of those companies found victory and are earning billion dollar revenue in the current world. If these things continue for more years, there will be no way to stop China become the next superpower of the World, and at the same time, the world will witness China capturing a massive amount of business shares at a relentless and unstoppable pace. Read here to know, why is Facebook Banned in China?

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