We are here in a pretty much high-tech world and businesses have made their way towards online business. With the intervention of websites, users have found a much easier way of doing online transactions and generating a hefty amount of revenue. For instance, the new age world has given us plenty of servers hosting to choose from. Where some can be a recipe for failure while other can be the best option for any consumer.  Ranging from a pool of server hosting options, Best Dedicated Server Hostings is the one which every consumer can go for.

Choosing the very best Dedicated Server Hostings which can fit your business needs is an essential step for any business. As a result, in this article, we will go through the 5 Best Dedicated Server Hosting companies. Also, the unwrapping of some benefits will surely be given to make you choose the very best from the whole list. Read here to Know, What is Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting?.

5 Best Dedicated Server Hostings

  1. Inmotion Hosting

If you are in search of a powerful and a dedicated hosting business, Inmotion Hosting can be the best option for you. Talking about their server availability, they have got dedicated servers hosted within their reliable East and west coast data centres.

  • Linux Plans


    As a dedicated server hosting company, Inmotion offers a wide category of plans which are all Linux-driven (No Windows) and are highly configurable.

In detailing to the given plans, all plans are fully controllable and have a cPanel/WHM.

Ranging from a whole bunch of features, here are some of the key ones.

Key Features

  • Fully Controllable Linux

With Inmotion having only Linux plans, they can help cop up better with the consumer service scenario and can provide immense benefits in the long run.

  • Starts with a humongous 8GB Ram

Unlike other hosting companies which offer a steep amount of ram, Inmotion gives a great 8GB ram option which can handle any task quite efficiently and smoothly.

  • Highly Configurable

With the functionality of high configuration given by Inmotion hosting, you can customize it depending on your day to day requirements with ease and comfort.

  • Affordable and Reliability

Inmotion Hosting is not at all expensive and the entry-level plan starts at just $99 per month which is quite affordable to anyone. In terms of reliability, Inmotion offers a highly reliable system which can last to a great extent.

  • 30-Day Money Back

For those who don’t like the Inmotion dedicated server hosting, this company takes in everything gracefully and provides a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for any sort of dislike.

All in all, among the Best Dedicated Server Hostings, Inmotion is a quality hosting which provides a strong and effortless performance which can make your business rise to great heights of success and glory.

Visit Site- Inmotion Hosting.

  1. Liquid Web Hosting

If you are looking for a much cheaper yet brilliant variant of dedicated Hosting, look nowhere else than at the Liquid Web Hosting. With a plan starting at just 79.98$ per month, Liquid Web Hosting has given it all. It offers the best dedicated server hosting plans which are fully controllable and has core options built on Intel Xeon X3 family.

  • Linux as well as Windows Plans

With Liquid web hosting, you can enjoy the lure benefits of Linux, as well as Windows, plans all depending on your lovable option.

Key Features

  • Fully Controllable Servers

By choosing Liquid Web Hosting, you can avail the opportunity of being a master of your server. Arrange things as per your need and expand your business to great heights.

  • Premium Hardware

At such a low costing rate, you are getting a premium set of hardware which is surely a boost for any user.

  • Higher RAM capacity startup

The RAM capacity of Liquid Web Hosting starts with 8GB itself. With such RAM configuration, operations can be done in a smooth buttery way.

  • Heroic Tech Support

A Team of Certified system admins will always be there to a rescue. At a lightning fast speed, they will be available in 59 seconds or less who will help in solving your server issues.

  • Advanced DDOS Protection

With security being a major factor in every hosting process, Liquid Web hosting has a high-level DDOS protection mechanism. With such mechanism, intruders or any attacker will surely be kept at the back door.

A combination of affordability and latest features, Liquid Web Hosting is the best for high traffic websites, popular CMS Websites, resellers, independent web publishers and many small businesses. Read here to know, 10 Best Music Player Apps for Android.

Visit Site- Liquid Web Hosting.

  1. Hostgator

Yet another hosting site and yet another set of powerful features. It is one of those quality hosting sites among the best dedicated server hostings which provides premium type hosting. Their availability is in both windows as well as Linux platforms which gives user and ease of option to choose from.

  • Lowest Plan Guarantee

The lowest plan of Hostgator comes with a 4GB RAM and starts at just $79/mo whereas the renew charge goes to $174/mo.

Key Features

  • Premium Performance

With Hostgator at your rescue, there is no need to worry about performance criteria. They strive hard to give their customers a brilliant performance no matter what the situation is.

  • Intel Xeon 2 and 3 Core

With the availability of Intel Xeon 2 and 3 core processor, multitasking will surely be flawless as ever. Also, these processors can handle bulk tasks with ease and comfort.

  • Award-winning Support

Talking about the best customer support will surely bring Hostgator straight into the limelight. They have a team of professionals who are much professional and can handle any issue without any doubt.

  • Extreme Uptime

Hostgator has an excellent uptime for their server which can keep it running for a longer period of time. With such a running rate, you can work without any hassle and in return, the productivity will surely increase. Read here to know, What is Cloud Hosting?

Visit Site-  Hostgator.

  1. A2 Hosting

With a great variety of manageable servers, A2 Hosting is a must go choice for customizable fanatics. Talking about their startup plan, it starts at $119.00 /mo where different sale brings down the current rate.

In terms of the manageable plans, it starts at $169.99 which is pretty decent considering the available features.

  • Suitable for both businesses as well as for developers

Whether you are on the verge of starting a business or a developer, A2 hosting can cater the needs of everybody.

Key Features

  • Extreme Performance

Depending on the current rate of A2 Hosting, they can guarantee you with a sheer class of performance. In such performance, users are given all of the premium performance hardware which can unleash a beast of a performance.

  • Custom Configurations

None of the Best Dedicated Server Hostings will give you such the immense customizable functionality as A2 Hosting. For web developers and programmers, a great list of customizable option is available to add to the functionality.

  • SSD Storage Support

Forget the higher price plans. With A2 hosting, you can get a free SSD storage on most account plans.

  • 24x7x365 Customer support

An always available technical support can solve any issue in relation to your server in a quick span of time.

Visit Site- A2 Hosting

5. iPage

iPage is one of the most popular hosting company which comes under EIG. As a hosting company, it is highly recommended for small businesses as well as for web publishers. For startups, they offer a super low introductory rate which makes them an ideal choice for small businesses.

  • Usage of vDeck

iPage as a web hosting company uses vDeck which is a quite simple and easy to use control panel. With such a control panel, all the operations can be done quite easily from a single place itself.

Key Features

  • Cheapest Choice

iPage is one of the cheapest choices from a whole list of hosting sites which packs in all sets of enchanting features.

  • Inculcation of MOJO Marketplace

With the help of MOJO, users can enjoy the lure benefits of plug-in, tools, and templates.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Customer Support is available whenever any user needs it. As a customer, you can contact via Live Chat, Email or even via telephone.

  • An advance list of VPS and Dedicated hosting plans

For the future, iPage has got tremendous plans on VPS as well as dedicated hosting which offers some great functionality.

  • WordPress Hosting availability

With iPage, customers will get 2 affordable and reliable WordPress hosting plans which are fully controllable.

  • Integration with Google Apps

To add in an extra crunch of functionality, iPage offers integration with Google Apps. With such apps at your rescue, any operation can be done at an easeful pace.

Visit Site- iPage.

Conclusion- Best Dedicated Server Hostings

For future, data centre and various server architecture issues are one of the essential factors while choosing the Best Dedicated Server Hostings. As a potential customer, figure out everything, make a keen budget and then opt for the perfect one.

At last, all of us will want the best-dedicated hosting from the whole list. And that is what this article will help you achieve in transforming your current workability to heights of success and glory. Read here to know, 8 Popular Types of Web Hosting Services.

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