We have been running our businesses with just newspaper ads and word of mouth campaigns for more than three decades. Do you think that this strategy would work in today’s technology driven days? Might be but we should not rely on it entirely! Yes, just ask your colleagues or friends that how would they identify a shop or place for their purchases when they have no or little idea about it? Most of them would answer that they would do a Google search. Though Google has been the widely used search engine all around the world, we do have other search engines like the Bing, Yahoo, etc. So, if you are still in the state of marketing your business through newspapers or radio networks, just wake up and explore the other online marketing cum sale sources, the web hosting services.

To attract more customers, you indeed, need your website being created under the best web hosting services that are available. These services are the ones that provide the basic setup to make your websites appear on the internet. They manage either their servers or the third party servers to provide such support.  We had put a lot of effort to pick the best web hosting services on various aspects and finally prepared the following list. So do read it and the useful information would certainly boost your business in the coming days!

Let’s take a closer look on which factors needs to be considered before choosing a web hosting service provider.

Additional Features of the Best Web Hosting Services

The best web hosting services apart from the actual hosting service may also provide other attractive & useful features. Do inquire and find all those available with them. We have almost listed the most important features that decide the usability of the service.

  • Limit on data transfers: Some providers restrict the data usage by fixing the monthly usage to certain limits. If your data transfer limits are lower, then you need not worry about such a restriction. But if your application involves numerous interactions with downloads or uploads, then you should look for a provider with no such limits.
  • Storage limit: The hosting service provider assigns certain storage space for each of its customers, and you should opt for a plan with storage sufficient for your usage. If it runs out of space, then it may reduce the productivity of your website by some means or you may need to restrict your usage accordingly. So be wise in choosing the plan with needed storage space.
  • Fee structure: You may go for a monthly plan if you need the hosting service for a shorter duration of time. But a yearly plan can get you more savings compared to the former. It is a good decision to choose longer term subscriptions when your business needs the best web hosting service as long as you run the business.
  • Money back Guarantees: Some providers offer a money back guarantees for 30-days or even 60-days. If you plan to switch the service based on its performance, then choose the one with such a guarantee. Be sure while selecting a provider, as a random choice may put in a troublesome situation during a switchover. That is why we insist you pick the best web hosting service provider even at the start!
  • 24/7 customer support: The hosted websites are accessed by people all around the world, and therefore, a 9 to 5 customer support is not sufficient. The night time of the support team may be a day for a customer who got stuck accessing the contents. In such a case, the customer has to wait for at least half-a-day to get it resolved. Do you think that you would retain the customer after making him/her wait for such a long time? Obviously, people go beyond services that offer faster solutions with round the clock support. So, do choose the best web hosting service provider with such accessibility.
  • Email hosting services: Few and only best web hosting services avail email hosting services for extra pay. This is an advantageous situation to expand and communicate with the customer base. So do look for such web hosting service providers when you need a lot of formal interactions among your team or with your customers.
  • Website Uptime: This is indeed one of the important factors that decide the best web hosting services. If you find your website is off even for a lesser duration, you may lose potential customers. So don’t just choose a web hosting service provider just because it costs lesser. Look for the one that can provide you round the clock uptime.

Type of the Best Web Hosting Services that suit your Business

Shared hosting: These kinds of hosting can save your money and has limits on data your transfers. Go ahead with these, if you are tight on budget and if your data transfer needs are lower. It is best suited for individual websites with lesser traffic.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) or Managed Cloud hosting: It is for those who lie intermediate between the shared & dedicated packages and they can be named as small businesses. It is slightly costlier than the former and cheaper than the latter. Here, the traffic of so many websites shares the same network, and the network/server needs cannot be altered based on our traffic.

Dedicated servers: They are the most powerful ones, and so is the cost. It is best suited for websites that experience more traffic every day.

WordPress hosting: It runs on Content Management systems and it easier to handle. It is most suited for websites with lesser backend support.

Now, you might have got an idea of which type of hosting server has to be chosen for your purpose. Also, do select the best web hosting service that offers excellent features to suit your needs. To make your job easier, we have analyzed various such providers based on the features & server types that we have discussed earlier. The below list can get you the best web hosting service providers, irrespective of your website domains.

1&1 Web Hosting

In our list of the best web hosting services 1&1 web hosting is on the top for its free software to design your web contents and for the 30-days money back guarantee. The prices are quite lower, but you cannot expect an uptime guarantee. But it takes all efforts to provide faster server accesses with 300 Gbps connections and a replication process that ensures transparency. The most important feature is that it never puts any limits on data transfers and is the best choice for WordPress hosting.  Also, it allows you to scale its performance as per your needs. That means you can choose a plan from a variety of options available. The good customer support extends to both Windows and Linux-based servers.

Country: Germany-based.
Cost: $3.76 per month.

Go Daddy

We have chosen this as one of the best web hosting services as it holds a huge customer base by offering a variety of services. The customer base is impossible to maintain unless it provides a fantastic service. The 99% uptime guarantee along with the on-demand capacity adjustment feature makes it one of the toppers among the list. Yes, if you face a sudden increase or decrease in the network traffic based on the season or celebration time, you can claim network capacities accordingly. Such flexibility is offered by very few, and one among them is the Go Daddy! Also, it excels in offering a 24/7 customer service for both Linux and Windows-based servers. The only feature that brings a second thought while choosing it is the data transfer limits on certain plans! If you need no such limits, Go Daddy has such plans too but with an increased cost.

Country: US-based.
Cost: $6.04 per month.


We regard it as one of the best web hosting services as it offers good space for web hosting services and also supports databases of up to two. Even the least paid plan comes with SEO tools, and the higher plans support advanced SEO tools. The demand for search engine optimization is higher, and such a featured tool is greatly appreciated among its customers. The email hosting service does come with the least paid option too, and it is evidence that the provider treats each of its customers with great importance and no one is treated superior to the other when it comes to customer support. Also, every plan comes with a free domain registration of our choice up to a year. It means you can select .uk, or .com, .london, etc. as domain extensions for your website URL.

Country: Germany-based.
Cost: $3.14.

Liquid Web hosting

It is a great and one of the best web hosting services for enterprises with its multiple types of hosting support such as VPS, Shared, Dedicated, and Managed WordPress hosting. It also extends a good customer support that works round the clock. But you are restricted with limits for your data transfers and if you are less bothered about it then just go ahead with this one of the best web hosting services. The other good news is that it supports both Windows as well as Linux-based servers while you take up the hosting service. It also comes with money back guarantee for a month’s time. With lots of goodness, people just have only one reason not taking it and is the cost on higher side!

Country: US-based.
Cost: $14.95 per month.


This web hosting service provider is a good choice if your website has lots of traffic associated and if you are less bothered about the increased cost to avoid data transfer limits. You can just try this one of the best web hosting services providers as it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. So any time within this duration you can cancel your subscription upon dissatisfaction of their service. The setup process is extremely simpler, and you can even get it done more easily with automatic setup. Interestingly, the web hosting provider also comes with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. The ability to work on Windows and Linux server is forming another reason for Arvixe being the preferred choice.

Country: US-based.
Cost: $4 per month.


It is being optimized for WordPress and such content management users can get much out of it. Though it supports different types of hosting services such as VPS, dedicated, etc., the lack of Windows servers support could also have been avoided. We may expect such support in the future, and it puts restrictions on the data transfer limits. Despite such limitations, the 24/7 customer support along with the WordPress hosting makes it one among the best web hosting services. You can also start your WordPress website in just a few minutes with this provider.

Country: US-based, launches in India recently.
Cost: $2.95 per month.

Feature1 & 1 web hostingGo DaddyFasthostLiquid Web hostingArvixeBluehost
Cost per month(in $)3.766.043.1414.9542.95
Supported serversWindows & LinuxWindows & LinuxWindows & LinuxWindows & LinuxWindows & LinuxLinux
Available hosting serversShared, VPS, Dedicated & WordPress hostingShared, VPS, Dedicated & WordPress hostingShared, VPS, Dedicated & WordPress hostingShared, VPS, Dedicated & WordPress hostingShared, VPS, Dedicated & WordPress hostingShared, VPS, Dedicated & WordPress hosting
Uptime guaranteeNo99%100%No99.9%No
Money back guarantee30-daysNo30-days30-days60-daysNo
Based on CountryGermanyUSUK, GermanyUSUSUS and launched recently in India as well
Best suited for?WordPress hostingTime-to-time varied network capacity needs based on the businessesBusinesses that needs SEO toolsBusinesses less bothered about the cost but about server optionsWeb sites that generated lots of traffic and less bothered about increased cost to claim more bandwidthWordPress hosting to be launched quickly
Customer support24×724×724×724×724X724X7
Any Data transfer limits?NoYesNoYesYesYes

We hope by now, you would have got an idea of the best web hosting services for your business! Launch it and we wish you reach the pinnacle of success by following the latest trends of marketing, the web hosting!

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