Web Hosting is a trendy term that we come across these days! We all know what it is and those who have little knowledge about it can read here – What is Web Hosting and How it Works? There are different types of web hosting and one among is the Dedicated Server Hosting. It means that the customer leases or rents the entire server for his or her business needs. So only a single customer is allowed to use that server and of course, it is going to cost more! Let us discuss Why we need it and the pros and cons of Dedicated Server Hosting in this article.   

What is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

It is a server being used by only a single customer for business purposes, and it is hosted in the web service provider’s data centres. So physically, it is not present in the customer location but it is accessed and used only by that customer and his/her users.

Why we need a Dedicated Server Hosting?

It is mainly for two reasons for which people choose dedicated servers.

  1. For high traffic websites.
  2. For high traffic applications.

When the traffic of your website is really huge, then the other kinds of web hosting such as the Shared hosting or VPS hosting are not suitable to handle the huge requests. It results in much server loads and, in turn, many waits to access the website. It can be a potential reason to lose your clients or users as everyone wants to read web contents without any interruption or waits. To avoid such issues, you can go for the dedicated server hosting and it’s going to do a lot of change in your business. The high traffic applications can be considered as SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) which we will discuss below.

Dedicated Servers Hosting for SAAS

If you own an eCommerce website or if you have ever used such a website, then you have used a SAAS. As SAAS can be used to handle all the financial transactions or emails, the associated traffic is also huge. In order to handle such a traffic, we obviously need a powerful server to meet the demands. Just a few seconds wait can lead to loss of potential customers in these kinds of applications. Therefore, most people tend to prefer the dedicated server hosting for their SAAS applications.

In-House or Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

An organization can lease a dedicated server and it either places it at the web service provider’s data centre or even at its own place. The latter is called as the In-House or Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting. In the former,  the network management, software installations, customer support, etc are all provided by the web service provider whereas, in the latter, the organization does it. So, if you have all the required capabilities and resources to manage everything by yourself, in-house is a better choice.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

In this type of web hosting, the server owner manages all the activities such as resolving network issues, customer support, etc for a particular fee per month or year. This really needs a lesser work on our side as it shared by the web server owner or the provider. Also, it is less expensive than the in-house dedicated servers. Read here to know 8 Popular Types of Web Hosting Services

Features or Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Uptime Guarantee:

No one wants to wait to get their service done. If they do not get faster responses for their searches on our web pages, then it is more likely that they prefer our competitor’s web pages. So it is very important to maintain the server uptime and the dedicated servers are capable of offering almost 99% uptime guarantee. It is for this reason, the crowed websites choose dedicated servers to meet its customer’s needs.


When you go for shared web servers, a lot of security-related issues can come your way! It is mainly due to the activities of the neighbouring clients and definitely, we can do nothing about it! But all you can do is to get a dedicated server hosting so that you can deploy your own Firewalls or AntiVirus software on your server. Also even if you have placed your server at a data centre of your web service provider, no one can access it escaping the security measures such as security guards, biometric authentication, etc. So, dedicated servers are far better when it comes to security!

Customer Support:

Certain applications do critical functions and it cannot stop its operation due to server downs. Under such circumstances, it is better to choose dedicated servers as they are supported 24 x 7 and almost 365 days of a year. It is usually specified in the service level agreement (SLA) of the web service provider. So before you choose a web service provider, do not forget to Read the SLA to know the support details. You can also avoid such support and you or your team can do it if you people are well aware of the server maintenance.


The dedicated servers allow you to customize it as per your needs as the entire server is just for your needs. So nobody is going to object such customization and of course, it leads to a more comfortable web hosting. Also, you can even choose your features of the server as per your requirements. This means that you are paying only for what you. need and not for what they offer!


As dedicated servers are meant for a single customer, there are no worries about the bandwidth congestion. No other customer is going to compete with your website for CPU usage, bandwidth, etc. It means that the requests are handled by the server with almost no waits. In other words, we can say that you are not going to interrupt the traffic of any other website just because your website is heavily loaded.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting


Flexibility and More Control Over the Server:

In dedicated servers, you can install your own software to suit your needs and also you can restrict accesses with the help of firewalls and AntiVirus software. Isn’t it better to handle your requirements by you than handling by a third party? Yes, it’s worth a lot!

Stable and Reliable:

The dedicated servers allocate all the resources only for your website or application. It means that nobody is sharing your resources and it results in an improved overall performance of the server. So every customer gets his/her requests quickly than in other types of server hosting such as a Shared hosting. Also, server failures can almost never happen to leave you with stable and reliable service.

Custom Configurations:

As the clients are given the ROOT access of the server, they can customize it as per their requirements. This is not possible with the other types of server hosting.

Security & Safety:

Here, you are not sharing your server with anybody else. It means that no person can bring you a malicious software or Malware to destroy your application or activities. Also, most data centres have climate-controlled and secured environments of their servers. If you have chosen such a data centre, then you are completely free of such security or safety-related worries. Read here to know the What Malware means, Common Types and How to Deal with it?



Dedicated servers are expensive than the other types of web hosting as it is allocated to a single client. So, if you can spend such a huge money, then you can go for it. Read here to know the 10 Best Free Web Hosting Providers 2017.

Hired Technicians Cost:  

Your team should be capable of resolving issues. If they couldn’t handle it, then you need to pay extra money to hire technicians to fix it.

Competence Required:

Managing a server is not an easy task and you need the required competence to do that by yourself.  

How to Choose a Dedicated Server?  

Operating System of the Server:

Decide on the OS of the server such as Linux or Windows. Windows servers are easy to handle than the Linux servers. But if your team has Linux professionals, then you can go for it.

Processor Speed:

If you are planning to launch resource-rich web pages, then you should go for a high-speed processor. Even you can more than one processor to meet the demands.

Customer Support:

A 24×7 customer support is always advisable if your website is not a geographic specific one. As the day & night times vary in different countries, there could be chances that the support team is offline when you need it. But such a problem can never arise in round the clock support and hence always go for it!

Conclusion- What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting can provide you with a top-notch service and, especially, even when the website traffic is high! It is really not required for the small blogs or websites with lesser traffic. On the other hand, if your website or application is a resource-rich one, then it is going to improve your business with its performance and reliability. Read here to know the Best Web Hosting Services 2017.       




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