All set to launch your next website or your first web site? Then this is a must read the article! We all know that our websites go live to the public with web hosting services through web servers. The quality of web hosting truly depends on the server uptime and the corresponding networks. But he you ever thought about the associated cost for hosting your website? If cost is the major constraint for you to enable thousands of viewers for your web pages, then just go ahead with shared web hosting!

What is Shared Web Hosting?

When you own your server just to hold your web pages online, it is sometimes an impossible job as it requires a lot of pre-work besides the cost. We could even say that most people just leave the idea of hosting a website if they had to own the dedicated servers. But Shared Web Hosting, in turn, gives you complete freedom from various issues including the cost. Here, the host is the owner of the server and others had to buy domains from the host. It is more like selling an individual flat in the entire apartment to different customers. The host takes care of all the maintenance and software updates and charges respectively to the domain owners. That is why it has got the name ‘Shared’ and some examples include GoDaddy, Bluehost, Dreamhost, etc. Read the recommended host for shared hosting here.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting over Dedicated Servers:

  • Affordable Price:

This is most important advantage these shared web hosting services and as more people share the same server, the price decreases drastically. We can own such a domain for even below $5. There are also options to go for premium subscriptions for added benefits or for faster connections. Whatever it is, the overall cost is lesser when you deploy a dedicated server.

  • Lesser Burden on your shoulder:

If you had to setup dedicated server for your own website, then you need to consider a lot of factors. Some of them are choosing the server configuration, installing the required software, protecting the server against viruses, deciding on access permissions and framing the Firewalls, maintaining good server uptime, clearing server logs after examining it, etc. This is just a partial list and you may have other works depending on your server, location, and network. But Shared web hosting does not require all these works and takes the burden from you! Here, the host takes care of all these jobs for the amount you pay them in the form of subscription fee.

  • You can Choose your Packaging Options:

Most Shared hosts offer different kinds of pricing or packaging options to targeting the customer needs. The packages are based on the duration of the subscription, quality of service, traffic load of the web pages, etc. For example, we can pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. Also, we can get maximum discounts from the host for longer duration subscriptions. But we cannot simply go for a half-yearly or yearly plans from the start. Just do your research and subscribe to the monthly plan to check the quality of service. Later, you can upgrade to a longer duration plan or can switch to another provider if not satisfied with their service. Just look at the features and options associated with 1&1 web hosting for your better understanding. You can also get Good, Cheap, and fast as options.

  • Easy to Implement Functions:

Interestingly, almost all the shared hosts have the inbuilt functions such as Chats, Blogs, Calendars, Forums, etc. They can be easily included in your website with just a single click. You can add Shopping Cart with no efforts as these hosts have options e-commerce too! In these days, many people own a website exclusively to sell their products via online. This is the best choice for such people, and they cannot trade their goods without knowing the technical details of web hosting.

  • Quick Setup:

Ready to put your web pages online? Here you go! The Shared hosts never take much time, and you can get your domain even within minutes. Also, you can get domain names ending with ‘.com,’ ‘.org,’ ‘.in,’ etc. as you wish. All you need is to choose your domain name and check whether it is available. If it’s there, select the subscription plan and you are almost done!

What should be considered before taking a Shared Web Hosting Service?

  • Are there any Restrictions?

The shared web hosting services are likely to restrict certain kinds of files for security reasons. But if you need to use such file types on your web pages, then it is a mere waste that you have got a domain from that host. Therefore, always look for any file restrictions before you purchase a domain from shared hosts. Few shared hosts tend to restrict the resources such as the bandwidth when you exceed a specified limit. There are also chances that your domain is taken back just because the traffic to your website is more! So if you think that the associated traffic is more, then choose a subscription plan accordingly.

  • Server Uptime:

This is one of the important factors when you choose a shared host. When your customer finds your website is off frequently, then probably they would never turn to your website again. It is equivalent to a shop being opened for the public during the daytime, but your website needs to be accessible throughout the 24 hours of a day.

  • Customer Support & Assistance:

It is better to go for the shared hosts that support its customers 24×7. Some hosts extend their help in the form of remote assistance during the initial setup and also during any issues. Also, you can look for the hosts with chat facility to get instant replies. Here is the best web hosting services of 2017 and do read it!

Conclusion: What Shared Web Hosting is All About?

Shared web hosting is a real gift for those who wish to host their websites for a lesser cost. Also, it never requires any technical details for your web pages to go live! All you need to do is, subscribe, deploy the built-in functions, get assistance, and enjoy the services!

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