Gone are the days when our eyes look for newspapers or magazines to search or grasp information. Thanks to the advancement in the digital communications and on the Internet, this serves to deliver information at a faster pace.  We were used to reading newspapers and now we read it online, in the form of e-newspapers or e-magazines.

This does not mean that the digital world has completely eradicated the former as it also has its own fans. But the latter always has the advantage of being read, heard or seen anywhere and anytime! No one could deny this awesome advantage and this has been the basis for the web hosting services. For those who just need an idea of What Shared Web Hosting is All About? – Read here. We know that web hosting is there in every country and we are here to pick the best hosting providers in Australia especially!

Australia, the name by itself is a pride, with its Melbourne and Sydney! Not only that it also has a lot of wonderful places and people to get along with. As a mean to communicate with those people and to understand the mindset of various categories of living, web hosting can also be a tool. This seems to be vague, right? Perhaps, for such people, I repeat that finding the best hosting providers in Australia could help you transform your business or lifestyle by connecting you with the right gang! Let us get to know the best hosting providers in Australia and would analyse for reasons they are so! Read here to know the Best Web Hosting Services of 2017.

Panthur – The Faster Web Hosting Services!

As we have titled it above, it is one of the fastest web hosting providers in Australia and you would experience almost no time lags in the connections. With its superb connections and a good customer support, the Panthur captures a good market share as well. This was not possible unless it delivers a fantastic service along with excellent features.

Plans and its Pricing:

  • Domains: You could book your domains for just 12 AUD per years and this looks cheaper as well.
  • Hosting: The web hosting services, and of course, it is of our interest here costs you just 5 AUD per month. The one of a kind service would also be yours when you choose Panthur.
  • Reseller: If you are looking for a good business out of the Panthur, then join them by being a Reseller. This costs you just 30 AUD per month and you could make a good sum of money with such an option.
  • Security: This plan delivers you the finest quality of protection in all your connections and it is going to add you a sum of 30 AUD per year in your expenses list.

Why the Panthur – The Pros:

  • Servers located in Australia: It has its servers located in Australia and they are really the Enterprise servers. Such servers would deliver first class connections in and around the country.
  • Uses the Latest Technology Standards: The faster is made possible with its latest technology in whatever it uses and this has been one of the reasons for its success.
  • 24 x 7 Customer Support: When you are a customer of the Panthur, then you could reach its support team all 7-days of a week and all 24-hours of a day! It excels in fixing the customer’s issues as fast as possible.
  • Stable Connections: Apart from offering faster connections, the Panthur remains to be one among the best hosting providers in Australia list for its stability in its connections. Never worry about the security of connections as well, as the Panthur takes care of that too!
  • Customizable Plans: It also excels in offering customizable plans for its customers and you could also try the option as it is not going to cost you much! Read here to know the 10 Best Hosting Providers 2017.

The Cons:

  • The Slightly Costlier: The plans seem to be a little costlier but when it comes to the features and connection speed, it does a fair job.

Hostgator – The Cheaper option!

Well, for those who are budget minded yet they need a good service, then this is one of the best Hosting Providers in Australia! The lower cost need not mean a compromise in the quality of services and the Hostgator is a perfect example. The only thing that could bother you sometimes is the speed of connections as it completely relies on the US servers to establish connections in Australia. The traversal time would obviously take a lag in all your connections and at times, it might be higher! Except for that, this Hostgator delivers wonderful service to its customers.

Plans and its Pricing:

  • Web Hosting: This package gives you a great online presence for just lesser than 5 AUD per month. Probably, this could one your greatest deals at the starting point and later you can upgrade to any other pricing plans.
  • Reseller Hosting: This is one of the booming businesses that people are doing from being at their desk. Just you can buy the hosting server space from one of the best hosting providers in Australia, the Hostgator, and could later sell with a profit. This booking could cost you around 22 AUD per month.
  • VPS Hosting: The Virtual Private Servers enable you to gain access to the root server and you could also install software on it as you wish. This is an excellent idea to customize your website as per the business requirements. The VPS Hosting also brings you web hosting with lesser expenses and allows you to control even the server where your space has been allocated. For such a kind of service, the Hostgator charges you even lesser than 19 AUD per month.
  • Windows Hosting: If you wish a completely simpler yet effective form of hosting with an environment that you were already used to it, then this Windows Hosting is a good choice. You can avail the service at the cost of just nearly 6 AUD per month.

Why Hostgator? – The Pros:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Customer Support: If you are first time user or a professional user to the web hosting services, the Hostgator treats everyone alike! Yes, you can avail the round the clock customer support that too all 365 days of a year. This is really amazing with the Hostgator and indeed, it is making it as one of the best hosting providers in Australia!
  • 45 Days Complete Refund Policy: You can get the Hostgator services and just try for any number of days within 45 without any risks for your paid money. This is because any time you could cancel the subscription and could get your money back within 45 days of your subscription and this guarantee is a fantastic one from the web hosting provider.
  • 99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee: How many of the web hosting providers offer this guarantee? They are really countable in number as such a good uptime guarantee is a hard task to maintain.  Despite, the Hostgator manages to give its customers such as good option and you would experience as soon as you get it.
  • Cheaper Price: When we compare the current web hosting market, the Hostgator is cheaper for the features it offers to its customers.

The Cons:

  • The Connection Lags: The only drawback with the Hostgator is the connection lags or the more time it takes to establish connections between the Australian client’s systems and their servers located in the US. The Hostgator does not have its own servers at Australia and hence the connections need a traversal between the countries. It results in a time lag for most of the connections.

SiteGround – the WordPress friendly!

The Sitrground is well-known for its WordPress hosting and of course, it does well with other websites as well. We should also speak about the wonderful customer support and it tackles every issue with a great priority. Well, each of us opts with affordable pricing plans and you would recognize it while reading further along the line. The SiteGround is definitely one among the best hosting providers in Australia for its cost, speed and customer support. Read How to choose the Best WordPress Hosting?

Plans and its Pricing:

  • StartUP: It is exclusively for the beginners of web hosting and they could also see their web pages going live by spending just a little money. As per this plan, you would get a website of 10 GB space on the server. It is best suited for those websites whose traffic is lesser than 10,000 visits per month. It costs just around 4 AUD per month.
  • GrowBig: When you think that your website would create traffic of at least 25,000 visits per month, then this could be a great option. It allows you to host multiple websites with a maximum of 20 GB as the web space. Apart from the usual features, you could also enjoy few premium benefits as well. It just costs nearly 6 AUD per month.
  • GoGeek: It is apt for websites that attract a minimum of 100,000 visits per month. By allowing you to launch multiple web pages at a time and with a maximum web space of 30 GB, the GoGeek is a good choice for big web presence. The geeky advanced features add value to the plan apart from the usual and the premium benefits. It costs nearly 12 AUD per month.

Why SiteGround – the Pros:

  • Easier and faster setup process: The setup is just a three clicks process and you would never feel strange about it.
    • Drag and Drop website creation:  Every option you have is simply a drag & drop and you would appreciate the use when you try it. Obviously, this feature is one of the reasons that the SiteGround is one of the best hosting providers in Australia.
  • No Fee for Website Migrations: The professionals of this team could seamlessly migrate websites and that too free of charge.
  • 3-Days Money Back Guarantee: You could get your money back anytime within 30 days of subscription and upon dissatisfaction.
  • Premium WordPress & Joomla: Exclusive Plug-ins help you build your website with ease. It is for these reasons that SiteGround is one among the best hosting providers in Australia.

The Cons:

  • No servers in Australia: The Australian client’s web pages are accessed through the servers in Singapore and this could be a drawback. But it maintains a good speed in all its connections.

A2 Hosting – No limitation on Web space

The Web hosting service that comes with an unlimited storage space is the A2 Hosting. The 24 x 7 customer support along with good connection speeds, the A2 Hosting is listed as one of the best hosting providers in Australia. The cost is affordable and the pricing plans are well-planned ones.

Plans and its Pricing:

  • Shared Hosting: It is the best choice for your personal blog sites and it just costs your lesser that 5 AUD per month. The easy-to-use tools to create websites also makes the A2 Hosting as one of the best hosting providers in Australia.
  • Reseller Hosting: You could get this kind of plans for lesser than 17 AUD per month.
  • VPS Hosting: It costs nearly 6 AUD and is obviously a developer friendly hosting. Use it and avail services from one of the best hosting providers in Australia.
  • Dedicated Hosting: You could customize your website with such a service and it costs you nearly 126 AUD per month. Read here to learn What does Dedicated Hosting mean?

Why A2 Hosting – the Pros:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Customer Support: The team works its best to fix our issues at the earliest.
  • Money Back Guarantee: You could get your money back anytime when you are dissatisfied with its service. Such a service makes it one among the best hosting providers in Australia.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Not all the web hosting providers offer this guarantee as it needs a lot of effort and no doubt that A2 Hosting I delivering such a service.
  • No Space Limitation: The wonderful feature is that it never puts you a restriction on the web space that you use on their server

The Cons:

  • No Servers in Australia: It establishes connections in Australia through it servers in Singapore and this creates a lag in connections. But how well the lag is handled depends on the individual connections and the technology it uses.

Conclusion-Top Best Hosting Providers in Australia 2017

Consequently, landing on a right web hosting service is a not at all a big deal when you list your priorities before you look for one such. The providers that we have listed are obviously the best web hosting providers in Australia and try them to experience a great web hosting!


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