Have you noticed that almost all of the systems in your office are being protected by Antivirus software? We may wonder that our communications are well-protected by Firewalls or some other encryptions and why do we need to install Antivirus Software? Besides such barricades for wrong entries on your network, you need it, and you would understand its importance as go through the article.

What is an Antivirus Software?

The virus is a terminology that is being widely spread in the IT field than it had its influence in the medical field. A computer virus is a malicious program that is developed to target a system or a network to capture information from it. The collected information may be passwords, account details or other sensitive data are sent to the pre-specified IP address for it to be used wrongly. This is a cyber criminal act and it can even come and reside on your PC, laptop, Smartphone, tablet, etc. and can threaten you. In this article, let us discuss on how shall we handle such threats and be safe from such issues.

Why is it needed?

We are not quite sure that which app or website that we access brings viruses on our devices. It is always better to go ahead with the prevention strategies than actually being getting affected. This holds true for Virus too! Yes, never take a chance to lose your personal information or don’t allow cyber criminals to use your device. So by now you could have got our point that the possible solution to secure your device is to install Antivirus Software. Here we are going to explain in detail how to accomplish the same on Windows.

Let us start with the actual installation process step-by-step.

  • Select the Antivirus for your Windows:

We have numerous choices of Antivirus Software available online either free of cost or as paid versions. Few free Antivirus Software such as Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, and Avast are delivering quality work, and hence you can even go ahead with those. But few free antivirus software that claims to be genuine but may indeed malicious programs by itself. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing the free Antivirus Software. You may even look for advanced features on Antivirus, and it comes in the form of paid versions. So if you need that sort of higher end protection, then go ahead and install Antivirus Software of such kind.

  • Download the Antivirus Software

Once you decide on the software for your Windows machine, you can directly go to the respective website and download it. If you have chosen the paid version, then you must follow the payment instructions, or you can even avail free trials if any. As we have discussed earlier, the paid versions are always better and, especially, if you handle much sensitive information often.

  • Installation process

After the download is complete, you can look for the ‘Run’ button on the user-interactive screens of the Antivirus software or else run the .exe file of the same. In most cases, you would find the Run button, and just a single click can finish the installation. You may be asked like whether the program can make changes to your computer? And just click ‘Yes’ and proceed. Also, the process never takes much time, and if everything goes well, you should get it done in just less than 10 minutes. Now you would come to know that it is very simple to install Antivirus Software on your Windows and to go forward, you would understand the simplicity of its usage as well.

  • Reboot the system

Alright, you have finished the major job to install Antivirus Software! For the new program to get reflected on your Windows system, you obviously need a reboot. And it is necessary as with any other new software that you install on the PC.

  • Look for updates

Now, your system has recognized the new Antivirus Software and almost ready to use it. But before using it, you should also check whether the version of the Antivirus that you have downloaded is the latest. So, just look for updates from the respective website or even from the user-interactive screens of the Antivirus Software.

  • Scan your Windows system

With the latest version of the Antivirus on your system, you can now start the scan process. Open the App and just click the ‘Scan’ button to activate it. It takes times based on the number & size of files that reside on your PC. So just wait for the scan process to complete and it can even be run on background by moving to some of your other tasks on your PC. Once it’s done, you will be notified with the infected files, if any. Go ahead and delete those files or take proper actions suggested by the respective Antivirus Software. There is also a possibility that any of your files is not infected and in such as case, you will simply get the ‘success’ message of the scanning process.

  • Schedule the next scanning process

The user-interface of the Antivirus Software is always provided with an option that enables to set the schedule for the next scanning process. So you can simply click it to specify the date or time for regular scans. This is useful to get it done automatically, even if you forget to do so.

  • Update your Windows OS regularly

The Microsoft Corporation works on issues reported by its users, and it is known for frequent updates to its operating systems. The updated OS by itself can resist certain antivirus software and therefore be sure to do it on a regular basis.

As you vaccinate your child, it is necessary to install Antivirus Software on your Windows systems. This not only safeguards or protects your desktops, laptops, etc. from various malicious programs but also ensures that nobody is using your information without your knowledge. So be on the safer side with an Antivirus on your system! To avoid any online threats and to protect your internet data from snooping, you must use the Best VPN for Windows, which encrypts your entire internet data traffic and makes you anonymous while using the internet on the Windows.

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